Mother’s Day Cards

In our classroom this week we’ve been making the most adorable Mother’s Day Cards.

*If you’re a mum from our classroom please look away now Winking smile*


They were so fun to make and a great opportunity for little fingers to practice tracing and cutting. These cards were quite tricky for five year olds to master, but we nailed it with two adults and twenty-one children without any hassles. I got this idea from Pinterest (is there any other way?!). It’s from a clever site in Bulgaria – thanks to Google for their translation!

The children were SO absorbed in this activity. They worked alongside each other, sharing all the crafty bits and pieces, chatting about their creations and celebrating in their finished work.


There were a few slip ups along the way. Some children ended up with two separate hands instead of a card. But as we always say: “is it ok to make mistakes? YES!”. That’s how the best learning is done. If at first you don’t succeed, and all that…


You will need:

1 piece of A5 card per child
writing pencil
bits and bobs for decorating

How to do it:

1. fold the A5 card in half across the width

2. place your hand on the card with your thumb and index finger touching the folded edge

3. trace around your hand

4. cut out the hand shape, making sure you avoid cutting the thumb and index finger where they meet the folded edge (tricky!)

5. write your message on the front and inside of the card

6. decorate!

Preschoolers, toddlers and even babies could absolutely make these cute cards with one to one help, and older children could easily make them on their own. They’re not just for Mother’s Day either, you could use them for any occasion.

What are your plans for Mother’s Day?

7 Replies to “Mother’s Day Cards”

    1. Hi Amy, isn’t it adorable? I’m going to make some with Charlotte for her Grandmas and Great Grandmas – that’s five cards! It was nice to see you and your family the other day, even if it was only briefly :)

    1. Hi Debs, they really are too gorgeous and so easy to adapt for different ages. Have fun (and a Happy Mother’s Day).

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