Messy Play (and how to keep clean!)

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15 Fun Ideas for Messy Play #sponsored

Do your kids like messy play? You know, making mud pies, squishing gloop, painting with their feet, building sand castles, squelching foam? Messy play is a fun, open ended activity that allows children’s creativity to go wild. It is also cheap and easy to set up. And did I mention FUN? Pebble and I have had LOTS of laughs getting messy. Here are a few ideas that you might like to try:

Phew! That’s a lot of mess :) It’s safe to say that my laundry basket gets pretty full with messy, gloopy, gooey clothes. I’m no laundry princess – I like to chuck it all in, press a couple of buttons and have it come out clean.

Cold Power asked if I’d like to try out their Cold Power Sensitive Touch to get our mess all cleaned up. I was keen to give it a go for a couple of reasons – first of all, it’s safe for sensitive skin, and our Pebble is a delicate little flower. I always have to be careful of the product that I use with her, she gets rashy, bumpy, itchy skin very easily. Cold Power Sensitive Touch also gives clothes a squeaky clean while saving energy costs because it washes in cold water. It worked great in my front loader, but you can also get it for top loaders, both in liquid or powder form. We tried the liquid and it made everything fresh and clean, even after messy play.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get messy! You can always get clean again and it’s well worth the fun.

15 Fun Ideas for Messy Play - and how to get clean again

Cold Power Sensitive Touch Giveaway

If you’d like some help to get clean, Cold Power are giving away two packs of Cold Power Sensitive Touch (RRP $14.99). Just leave a comment telling me what your child’s favourite messy play is. Don’t forget to tell me if you have a top loader or front loader, so we can send you the right stuff. Entries close at midnight AEST on Wednesday, 24 July 2013. Sorry but this one is for Aussie readers only.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Cold Power and Digital Parents Collective. Cold Power Sensitive Touch provided complimentary samples for this post, however the opinions and content expressed within are completely my own. 

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13 Replies to “Messy Play (and how to keep clean!)”

  1. Definitely anything to do with painting! Painting pictures, painting toilet rolls, painting the pavers, you name it and the girls love painting it!!!!

    (I have a top loader).

  2. My kids favourite mess making antics always involes water. They love leaves on the ground that are wet that they can throw in the air and run throw, chasing sticks down a running river, building mud cities in the dogs water bowl for Ken and Barbie to live in. And yes, this happens even in winter.

  3. I have a front loader.

    My kids love to make bubble solution with me and plays with it . It gets very messy after a while as one of them steps on the bubble solution tray and then they start slipping because of it. Wet and slippery hands ,feet and the surrounding area…

  4. Mess equals: Scribble with her new coloured pens on her new white dress (OK, stupid mama), the sheepskin, the walls, and the new craft table, but NOT on the butchers paper she was provided. Then EAT all the coloured pens and have to go out with mama so that not only does she toddle unsteadily like a zombie, but looks like she’s been eating zombie brains with it.
    Emily recently posted..Food Glorious FoodMy Profile

  5. My three little ones have enjoyed many hours of fun in the sandpit……and of course when in the sandpit, it is oh so much more fun if there is WATER…….and when mixed together they make mudcakes, moats around castles, muffins, puddles, rivers, swimming pools… many ideas and imaginary play have come out of sandpit fun!

  6. My darling youngest daughter Kayla, aged 3
    Loves nothing more than to be
    Playing with Play-Doh, oh the mess
    On the table, the floor, even her dress
    She smears it into our fabric chairs
    She gets it in her hair, totally unawares!
    Her two older sisters join in the ‘fun’,
    And boy, mummy’s relieved when they’re done!! :)

    (Top loader machine)

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