Magic Reading Sticks

Magic Reading Sticks

I can’t believe that Pebble has been at school for five weeks now. She’s really enjoying it, especially learning to read. She’s flying along, as these new Reception kiddos do. Their progress is so quick! That’s one of the reasons that I love teaching Reception (five year olds). That, and they’re so much fun!

In the first week of school, however, she was a bit overwhelmed by her reading homework and needed a little push to get into it. We made these ‘magic’ reading sticks to help her reading. She used them every day for a couple of weeks and now only for a bit of fun. They really gave her confidence¬†in those early weeks. She loved choosing a different one each day.

I first saw the idea on Pinterest (of course). I also made these with my class at school. Here’s how you make them – though they’re so simple they hardly need instructions at all.

 Magic Reading Sticks

Magic Reading Sticks

You will need:

  • pop sticks
  • low melt glue gun and glue
  • googly eyes
  • foam shapes

To make:

  • use the low melt glue gun to stick one googly eye or foam shape to one end of each pop stick. Allow to dry. Done!

Readers use them to point to each word in their book as they are reading. It helps children remember to look at each word, especially in the very early stages of reading development.

Magic Reading Sticks

I hope you have fun making and using these magic reading sticks. Do you have any tips for making homework a bit more fun? 

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  1. Go Pebble! I love seeing little kids read these simple but oh so good books. Such a joyous time to see how they progress and how pleased they are when they finish a book.

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