Lego Painting

Today I bring you final in the Lego! Cake! Music! series in memory of my brother Ryan. I can’t thank my blogging mates enough for all these super awesome blog posts, and their amazing support over the past few weeks. They are dead set legends.

Today’s legend is Danya from Danya Banya with a post about lego painting. Enjoy :)


I was devastated when I heard the news that Kylie’s brother had passed away.

I am so very close to my own brother, he’s the one that began calling me Danya Banya when I was still knee-high to a grasshopper, and is still one of my closest friends.

I can’t imagine what Kylie and her family are going through right now, and I wanted to do something to help.

I was supervising the kids in the bath when I saw Kylie’s email come through asking if any of her blogging friends would like to submit a guest post for her blog while she is in mourning. She mentioned that her brother had liked Lego, so something to do with Lego would be fitting.

And then I knew what we could do to help. We could paint.

So I towelled down the kids, and brought them downstairs for a rare spot of after bath painting. But we didn’t use brushes, we were going to paint with Lego instead.

Painting with Lego
JJ always jumps at the opportunity to do familiar things with unfamiliar materials, and this was no exception. She picked up one of the Lego pieces, and started stamping straight away.
I encouraged her to try stamping with all the different sides – the bottom, the top, and the side. We noticed that some of the Lego pieces were different shapes, and thus made different patterns.
Stamping with Lego and paint

Before long she asked for one of her Lego people to paint with. Sure!

She tried dipping the Lego man, but then elected to finger paint him first, before attempting to paint with him. He wasn’t as effective at creating an imprint as the other Lego pieces. JJ used a bit of trial and error to see what works best.
Painting with a Lego man
After a while, Bee came over to see what all the fuss was about. She’s started showing an interest in creating art with our textas lately, but I hadn’t given her a chance to play with the paints just yet. It seemed that this was the opportunity!
Baby painting with Lego
Touching, dipping, stamping.”Look you’re painting! You’ve made the colour go onto the paper! You’re painting with the colour green!”
She also liked the look of the Lego man. She held him by his head (which had all the paint on it) and tried to paint with his (clean) feet. Nice try Bee…
Baby painting with Lego
And then, with the wonder that only a brand new toddler can muster, she discovered something amazing. The sensation of squeezing, squelching, oozing finger paint between her fingers.
What fun!
Squeezing, squelching, oozing finger paint between baby fingers

All the while this exploration was happening, I was trying futilely to keep as much paint out of her mouth as possible. We were using non-toxic finger paint, but it still isn’t ideal for her to eat it.

Here’s a photographic timeline of my success (or lack thereof).
Oh no! I *accidentally* ate some paint Mummy!

Oh, and did I mention that she’d only just come out of the bath? Sigh. :)

As this was a process-orientated art experience, the end result wasn’t the goal. But nevertheless, here is our finished work of art hanging on our fence to dry. Perhaps we’ll use it as Christmas wrapping paper?
Lego Art

And to dear Kylie, my heart goes out to you. Words can’t express how sorry I am for your loss.

Danya Banya is a blog about Danya, an Australian Mum doing her best to raise two daughters and learning along the way. It’s a place to share how we play, create, laugh and love.

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