Leaf Threading {and toilet training}

It was a mild but sunny day yesterday, and Pebble and I were bunkering down for our first day of toilet training. Both of us go a little stir crazy when stuck at home all day. Actually, maybe that’s just me. I like to go OUT. Alas, home we were.

Pebble was keen on replaying our picnic by the river in Brisbane, so we rounded up the ‘kids’ (baby and care bear), the pram, the picnic blanket, then tent and a few other essentials, then went outside. “What a beautiful river!”, Pebble announced, as we spread out the picnic blanket.

Our lawn was littered with lots of leaves after a few blustery days and I decided to put them to good use. Pebble and I rounded up a handful each, I gathered some craft materials, and we sat making leaf necklaces.

{reality check} When I say WE made leave necklaces, I mean that Pebble thread two leaves onto her necklace then tossed it aside and said, “Mummy, you do it”. After I double checked that she didn’t want to do it herself, and reminded her of her manners, I continued making the necklaces while Pebble played with sticky tape and leaves (still good fine motor practice, I told myself). Soon the necklaces were done, and Pebble was quite delighted with the result. We will come back and do this another day, if Pebble is interested.

Leaf Necklace

You will need:

wool or thread
bamboo skewers cut to size
sticky tape

To make a leaf necklace:

– measure the length of wool you need for your leaf necklace and cut to size. Tie a biggish knot in one end to prevent the leaves from threading all the way along.
– sticky tape the wool to the dull end of the bamboo skewer to create a needle and thread.
– thread the leaves on to the wool.
– tie the ends of the necklace together and wear your masterpiece proudly.

I think this activity would be great for older children too and am thinking of setting it up for free play time in my classroom this week. The children could choose to make necklaces, bracelets, belts, decorations. I’m sure they’ll come up with more ideas that me!

As for the toilet training…. well, it went as expected. Three wet sets of knickers and pants in two hours. No worries. Then several grunts from Pebble followed by a rush to the loo, followed by one little girl saying “I did a poo” but not actually doing a poo. Repeat x 5. The phone rang, I answered it and “MUUUUM!”… you guessed it, she did a poo in her knickers. Which is expected on day one, of course. Pebble was totally fine with wee in her knickers, but not at all ok with poo in her pants. I cleaned her up with no fuss and lots of soothing, reassuring, positive words but she wanted a nappy on NOW. I put one on to calm her down, as I believe in the gently, gently approach. What was the point of forcing a screaming toddler back into knickers? That’s just not my style. When Pebble was happy later in the day I suggested that we try again, but she told me quite firmly “I’m not a big girl yet”. I will try again tomorrow.

Would your children like to make a leaf necklace? Do you have any toilet training advice for me!?

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  1. Love the leaf necklace idea! Going to give that a go with my little miss almost-three – who is not toilet trained I must add! I started and she got so distressed and petrified of the toilet that we abandonned ship, but will be back for another go when the weather gets a little warmer I’ve decided… Gently, gently is the best approach I think! Good luck xx
    Elisa {With Grace & Eve} recently posted..Ordinary daysMy Profile

    1. Have fun with it, so simple, but so lovely. I can completely understand children’s fear of toilets. Imagine standing next to a giant ceramic bowl, half your height, that does a big noisy swish and sucks things away to unknown places?! Pretty scary!
      Good luck to you with your toilet training in the future. I think we’ll both need it, but I know we’ll get there in the end.

  2. Oh whoever manages toilet training? We are on about our third attempt. E (2 and a half) was initially happy to sit on the potty when put there and would often produce something, but never indicated she needed to go herself. She then became completely resistent to sitting on it, and so our progress has been very stop-start. And thanks for the leaf necklace idea, sounds great!
    ANB of Suburban Sonnett recently posted..Meatless Monday: How to use up garden excesses, or two ways with rocketMy Profile

    1. I hope you have more luck with the toilet training soon! We’re going great guns at home, and getting much better when out. If only she’d sit on the TOILET. I am taking my potty everywhere. It’s getting a little embarrassing :/

  3. I think toilet training is worse than sleep training! You are on the right track with not forcing it. You do need to take a break if they are not getting it. It took our little boy about four months to be nappy free during the day (we started when he was 2 and four months) but we still had poo issues for a long time after that. I am dreading training my daughter! But I think we’ll give it a go when she’s 22 months before the weather gets colder.
    Rachel recently posted..Chocolate Peanut Butter CakeMy Profile

    1. Good luck Rachel, I hope it’s easier with your daughter, I hear that girls are easier, though that usually relates to wee, I think! We’re getting there slowly, but surely. We have really awesome days and then one terrible day – usually associated with outings or changes to routine though, which is pretty normal, I think.

  4. Loving the leaf necklaces Miss 3 and I will be making some tomorrow! Thank you. As for toilet training…my Miss 6 was easily toilet trained in a week around her 2nd birthday. This foolishly led me to think I did a great job and how easy it would be for my 2nd girl. She is now 3 yrs and 3mths and is just starting to come around to the idea of talking about toilet training and letting me leave the potty in the bathroom – just to look at!!! I am resigned to the fact that her determined streak will kick in one day soon and she will decide she has had enough of nappies cause I have sure had enough of other peoples opinions on “really…she is three…she should be tt by now!”

    1. Haha! Children are all such little individuals, aren’t they? I think that you’re right, she will just as determined to be toilet trained as she is NOT to be… in her own time. Let’s hope so, anyway :)

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