Homemade Cards

I have just recently started using interviews to add lovely memories to cards for special people in Pebble’s life. When their birthday arrives I interview Pebble about that person and add the interview to the inside of the card. Its adorbs!

We did this for the first time recently with Grandmas’ birthday (say hello to the delish coconut ice that we made her, while you’re here). To made the card I grabbed a piece of A4 card and folded it in half. I also added some rectangle inserts cut from regular coloured paper using my special crafty scissors (what is the name for those crafty scissors that create different shapes on the edges? Those!).

Pebble was asking to paint, so I got out our paints and some foam stampers, and away she went. Add a touch of glitter at the end (oh, the joy of a toddler sprinkling glitter!…. and the mess!!). Pebble did a few different pictures as well as the one we used for the card. So much fun!



I helped Pebble to stamp Grandma’s name on the front of the card using our Kikki K alphabet stamp kit. I wrote out the interview inside one half of the card, and then asked Pebble what she wanted to say on the other side, transcribing her message. Pebble signed it of course (she is really into ‘writing’ right now, I’m finding notes all over the place…. that’s a whole other story).

If you’re not feeling very crafty you can easily buy a card and insert an interview with your little one on some paper. Sometimes I have done this when we’re just having one of those weeks and a birthday sneaks up on me. Isn’t it funny how they can sneak up on you, even though they’re at the same time every year?

You can ask all sorts of questions, but the format I’ve been using (adapted from here) is this:

What is your favourite thing about X?

What do you like to do with X?

What does X look like?

What would you like to say to X?

The fantastic thing with this interview is that it keeps on giving – you can use it again and again each year, as each year the children’s answers are different.

Do you make your own cards, or do you prefer to buy them?

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    1. You’re very welcome :) We did a video interview of Pebble on her 2nd birthday, but she was so funny in front of the camera, she went all shy and didn’t want to talk. I haven’t had a look at it for a while, I must take another peek :)

  1. Great idea! I’ve never made my own cards. I’ve always bought them, and seeing as I am a real ‘card person’, you’ve just got me thinking ‘why the hell not??’
    Maybe time might be a factor, but I’m in the process of sorting out my life to make time for being creative, so once I’m done I should (hopefully) have a lot more of it! :)
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