Gum Nut Babies Play

When I was a kid my mum used to read us the adventures of ‘gum nut babies’ Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, by May Gibbs. My sister and I loved the stories, but more than that, we loved collecting gum nuts in shoe boxes and making our own little gum nut baby homes.

I couldn’t resist sharing this joy with Pebble, and one late afternoon we ‘read’ some stories (looked at pictures and made up stories) then headed out into the garden and neighbourhood on a gum nut hunt. Pebble loved trying to find the gum nuts (and rocks – that kid loves herself some good rocks). She especially loved some little gum nut tops and declared them to be perfect hats for her babies.

The next morning we looked at the books again and checked out the collection of gum nuts and other bits and pieces. Pebble arranged bark and leaves to make slides and beds… then looked around in dismay. “Mummy, where are the babies?”. I showed her the gum nuts and explained that they were the babies. Well, that went down like a lead balloon. They did not look like babies to Pebble. “We need to make some, Mummy. Here’s the hats!”. Right. So I needed to come up with plan B.

I rummaged around the craft cupboard and came up with some pink felt, rubber bands, sharpies and dried beans. I fiddled around a bit and came up with this:

Cute, huh? I made a little gum nut family, and Pebble was happy to start play gum nut babies again. Pebble played with them for a few weeks, until the blossoms had completely disintegrated. We’ll definitely be making more gum nut babies and homes in the future, I’m sure that Pebble can make a few gum nut babies of her own soon.

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What’s your favourite childhood story book? Did you every play with gum nut babies?

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