Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers

Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers

Rocky loves to draw. He will physically climb onto the table to reach Pebble’s drawing materials and then happily wander around the house looking for things to draw on. As long as it’s NOT paper. I’m adding that particular behaviour to the very long list of things that Pebble didn’t do. Or did once then listened when I told her not to. I guess it’s a boy thing? A second child thing? Or just a Rocky thing. It’s who he is and I will embrace that (sometimes through gritted teeth as he throws his toys, climbs on the furniture and smashes …. everything).

I wanted to make the concept of drawing on paper more appealing to my little bruiser and had an idea to do some large scale drawing. Here’s how it went.

Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers

You will need:

  • an extra large piece of paper (we used a roll of paper that I got from Ikea)
  • drawing materials, for example chunky pencils, crayons or markers (we’re using Micador Washable Oil Pastels #notsponsored)
  • sticky tape
  • an eager toddler
  • adult supervision!

How to:

  1. Stick the large piece of paper to the floor using sticky tape. I suggest sticking it along the entire perimeter of the paper to make sure it stays in place.
  2. Get out the drawing materials and have a go with them together.
  3. Sit nearby, give them lots of time and space to explore, chat about their marks.

Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers

These oil pastels are awesome, the colours are bright and they mark the paper really easily. I love how Rocky grasped three in one hand while working with another. The tongue poking out is pretty cute too.

Rocky drew happily for about 10 minutes or so, which is a pretty good chunk of time for a 19 month old to stick at anything. Then he started to experiment with drawing on the wood floors. I redirected him to the paper. He threw a crayon at me. Activity over. #keepingitreal

Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers
Rocky is unimpressed that I have taken the oil pastels away. Obviously.

The best thing about these oil pastels is that they wiped up with a baby wipe with no problems at all.

Disclaimer: Micador sent us these oil pastels to try about a couple of years ago now, and they’re still going strong. They did not pay me to mention their products or ask me to endorse them in any way. I’m giving you my honest opinion on them because I love sharing products that I genuinely love and use.

Wondering when to introduce your child to drawing? Try reading these tips for drawing for babies and toddlers.

Do your kids like drawing on the walls?

10 Replies to “Giant Floor Drawing for Toddlers”

  1. lol, love the photo taken after the crayon throwing… great idea! my girls used to like doing this, and as they got older really enjoyed tracing around their bodies and colouring them in, or filling in the details… some of their facial expressions were …..creepy….but it kept them occupied for a while!

  2. i love using the Micador oil pastels too, they seem to be the brightest with a lovely texture. This activity is my ‘goto’ when I am having a rough toddler day hehe How cute is Rocky’s grumpy face !!What a mean Mummy ;)

  3. Those pastels look really great. I think it’s so wonderful you can simply offer children such materials and a huge sheet of paper and leave them to it. They amazing us, don’t they? :)

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