Easy Pop-Up Card Craft for Kids

Easy Pop Up Card Craft for Kids {via Octavia and Vicky}

It was Hubby’s birthday last month and which gave Pebble the perfect excuse for making a birthday card. Previously we’ve made Christmas gift tags, birthday cards and Mother’s Day cards. This time we cut up some old birthday cards to make a brand new birthday card for her Daddy. Pebble loves pop-up cards and books at the moment and wanted to make a pop-up card. This is how we did it.

Easy Pop Up Card Craft for Kids {via Octavia and Vicky} Easy Pop Up Card Craft for Kids {via Octavia and Vicky}

DIY Pop Up Card

You will need:

  • old greeting cards
  • A4 coloured cardstock or coloured paper
  • glue stick
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • markers

How to make a DIY Pop-UP Card

  1. Take one piece of A4 coloured card and fold it in half to make the base of your greeting card.
  2. Cut two pieces of coloured paper so that they are slightly smaller than the size of your greeting card (slightly smaller than A5).
  3. Stick the coloured paper pieces on the front and inside your card, to create a place for writing the greeting and also create a nice border around the outside.
  4. Write any messages that you like on the front and inside the card (this is easiest to do before you stick on your pop-ups).
  5. Cut out some cute pictures from the old cards to use for pop-ups. We chose some stars.
  6. Cut a few strips of card board from an old card approximately 15 cm in length and 2 cm wide. They will need to be narrow enough to hide beneath your cut out pictures. Fold the strips of paper into a concertina (zig zag fold).
  7. Stick the cut out pictures to one end of the concertina with sticky tape. Use more sticky tape to stick the other end of the concertina to the card. We stuck our pictures to the front of the card, but you could also stick them inside if you liked.
  8. Give your card to your loved one  :)

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