DIY Striped Frames

Hand made gifts from kids is one of my favourite treats. Since becoming a parent I’ve always looked forward to getting those hand-made-with-love covered-in-glue-and-tape-and-paint-and-glitter type gifts that I remember making at school. I also love making them with Pebble and it’s one of our favourite ways to spend time together.

DIY Striped Frames - hand made by kids

Somehow though, Father’s Day crept up on me this year. Here in Australia it’s always the first weekend in September. Every year. So you think I’d be all organised and on top of it, right? Um, not so much. So it was that Pebble and I were having a very enjoyable and slightly manic painting session on the Friday before Father’s Day. She had an absolute ball and these striped frames turned out just gorgeous. Here’s how we made them. All three of them (for Grandad, Grandad and the Number 1 man himself, Daddy).

DIY Striped Frames – hand made by kids

You will need:

  • wooden picture frames – we bought ours from the local cheap shop for a couple of dollars each
  • paint – we used these colourful no-drip paints given to us by Micador and some poster paints from our supply
  • masking tape
  • paint brushes
  • a bucket of water and a cloth, for quick clean ups
  • old newspapers

DIY Striped Frames - hand made by kids

How to make your DIY Striped Frames

  • Spread out some newspaper in your art space. We had a beautiful almost-Spring day, so we worked outside.
  • Use the masking tape to create a striped pattern on your frames.
  • Stand back and let the kid go nuts with the paint.
  • Leave the frames to dry COMPLETELY. This is where I had to employ the help of  my hair dryer – like I said, we were a bit last minute! No time to waste!
  • Peel off the tape and admire your gorgeous frames.

DIY Striped Frames - hand made by kids

Now all you need is something to put in them! Pebble drew these super cute portraits of Grandad, Grandad and Daddy. My favourite part is the “kisses” on their shoulders. See those ‘x’ marks?

Dislaimer: Micador sent us some paints to try. Thanks Micador! I’m under no obligation to use the paints or write about them and was not compensated in any way.

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42 Replies to “DIY Striped Frames”

  1. Haha, you’re the same as me, I always know when Fathers Day is but am never organised! Those frames look gorgeous, I’m sure the dads loved them. We also did some handmade pressies – some canvas art and ‘I love you this much’ hand cards…it literally brought a tear to Grandads eye!

  2. Too cute! My girls made a swag of fabulous kid-made art at pre-school this year for the big Daddy Day so I let myself off (copout I know!) But these look fantastic :-)

  3. Lovely! I think I’m in love with this painting technique as it’s so easy and yet the results are always impressing. Great idea using them on the frames. Must pin aside as we love making homemade gifts too. :)

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