DIY Sticky Doll House

DIY Sticky Doll House {via Octavia and Vicky}

The other day Pebble came up to me, as she often does, rattling off a verbal list of craft supplies for her latest project. I’m usually a ‘yes’ mama when it comes to craft, especially now that Pebble is four and super independent. Craft time usually means that I can get some housework done plan a lesson or two and maybe write a blog post. I pulled out all the craft materials that Pebble asked for, gave her a little help with cutting up shapes and peeling and sticking contact paper, and she made this super gorgeous doll house! Read on for instructions for your own DIY doll house.

DIY Doll House

You will need:

  • one large box (we used a nappy box)
  • scissors
  • clear or coloured contact paper (sticky backed paper)
  • sticky tape
  • white or coloured paper
  • collage materials (we cut shapes from coloured paper and foam, but you could use any collage materials)
  • optional: washi tape

DIY Cardboard Dolls House with Contact Paper Collage DIY Cardboard Dolls House with Contact Paper Collage

To set up: 

  • cut off the flaps from the top of the box, which will become the roof.
  • cover the sides of your box with white (or coloured) paper, to cover any patterns or labels on the box and help the collage to really stand out.
  • cut holes in the sides of the box for doors (and windows if you like).
  • cover the (open) roof and sides of the box with contact paper, making sure that the sticky side is facing out, ready for collage. Don’t worry about being too neat, as the contact paper will be covered with collage anyway.

DIY Cardboard Dolls House with Contact Paper Collage DIY Cardboard Dolls House with Contact Paper Collage DIY Cardboard Dolls House with Contact Paper Collage

To create the collage:

  • place the collage materials and contact paper-covered house in easy reach of a toddler, preschooler or school age child and watch as they go to town, decorating their house!
  • Pebble had very specific ideas about wanting tiles and bricks on her house, but children could decorate their house in any way that they liked.

Optional extras: 

  • create washi tape carpets and rugs by sticking strips of washi tape on to paper parallel to each other. Trim with scissors to neaten up and stick in your play house with double sided tape. Washi tape can also be used as part of the collage on the outside of the house.
  • Children can make their own accessories and furniture (Pebble  made that star covered letterbox).
  • You could also create picture frames on the walls or stick pictures of family and friends and the walls for some doll house wall art :) Ok, I’ll stop now…. but the options are endless!

Time to play!

  • The fun isn’t over yet. Help children to choose their favourite dolls or figures to play in the house. They will come back to this play scene again and again.

DIY Cardboard Dolls House with Contact Paper Collage

Why use contact paper? 

  • Contact paper allows children the freedom to add and remove collage materials easily, taking away the fear of doing it “wrong” or making a mistake. It also allows them to more freely adapt their designs as they go.

Learning through play

While creating and playing with her house Pebble has been practising:

  • fine motor skills
  • dramatic play
  • identifying shapes
  • sorting objects by size
  • naming colours
  • estimating and comparing length
  • having fun!

Do you and your kids love using contact paper? I love using it for anything EXCEPT covering books. Now that’s a tricky job!

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