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DIY Letter Puzzle


DIY Letter Puzzle | Octavia and Vicky

Recently Pebble’s Grandma travelled interstate to visit family, and we had the great pleasure of picking her up from the airport when she returned home. Grandma didn’t know that Pebble and I were going to be there – it was a bit of a last minute decision and a lovely surprise. We were both very eager to see her, we had missed her lots and lots! To prepare for her arrival I made this quick little DIY Letter Puzzle for Pebble, which became the ‘Welcome Home’ sign for Grandma at the airport.

Pebble has been very keen to learn about letters and words lately. She points to print everywhere in her environment and wants to know what it says. She loves to spot her own first initial, and is also getting good and spotting the initials for mum and dad. This DIY Letter Puzzle gave Pebble a chance to practice what she already knew about letters, and to learn about some new letters too. Even if she didn’t know the letter name or sound for all of them, she still enjoyed matching up the letter with the correct shape on the page.

DIY Letter Puzzle

You will need:

  • self adhesive foam letters
  • coloured paper
  • a lead pencil


  1. Go through the letters and select the ones that you need to create the puzzle.
  2. Place (not stick) the letters on the page in the order that they need to go, and trace around each letter to leave an outline on the page. Your puzzle is ready to use!


  1. Introduce the puzzle to your child. As our puzzle was quite large and included many letters and three words, I started by breaking the puzzle up into three parts – introducing the letters for each word separately. If you have a smaller puzzle (ie. the child’s name) you could introduce all the letters at once.
  2. Talk about the shapes of the letters as you search for the right one to make a match. Are they tall? Curly? Short? Straight? Do they have a ‘tail’? Practice saying the sound that each letter makes. Talk about the order that they go in. Include more or less detail, depending on the age and interest of your child.
  3. Help your child to peel and stick each letter on, if needed. Don’t worry about the finished product, let them explore and give it a go. Some letters may not end up in the right spot, and that’s ok. It’s all a part of the learning process.
  4. Put the finished puzzle on display (or take it to the airport to meet a loved one!).

DIY Letter Puzzle | Octavia and Vicky

Make it meaningful

Making literacy activities like this one meaningful will help your child be more likely to want to be involved, and give them more success with their learning. We had a reason to be making this sign – it was for Grandma! You could try these ideas to make the experience more meaningful for your child:

  • create a sign for their bedroom door
  • create a birthday card and/or envelope for a friend
  • make signs for pretend play (eg. road signs, shop signs)
  • create labels for around the home (kitchen cabinets or toy drawers)
  • copy the names of their favourite story book titles or characters
  • create table mats or place cards for a special dinner
  • make personalised book marks
  • create an alphabet poster

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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  1. What a fun way to explore letters and welcome grandma home!
    Kelly recently posted..Art on the wallsMy Profile

  2. What amazes me is how quickly they pick up the letters and learn full words which is how they learn to read. So much fun in learning. Lovely idea which I’m sure I will now use too.

  3. Love the sticky letters, we did this but on the magnet board and magnetic letters, with slips of paper with words on. It is now added to our busy bag stash!
    Nanette recently posted..First Ever Product Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Great idea. We are on the cusp of learning letters, so this is great timing for us. (Buying some letters now!)
    Danya Banya recently posted..Beatle Bottoms Giveaway!My Profile

  5. So simple but effective! A great way to learn letter recognition and spelling (AND making a cute little craft for Grandma too!) Love it
    Julie – Ladybug’s Spots recently posted..Simple posting activityMy Profile

  6. Fab idea. I just bought some foam letters for another project.
    [email protected] Little Bookcase recently posted..A baby’s first book: A precious milestoneMy Profile

  7. What a fun idea…i really like how you discuss making it meaningful…so true!
    [email protected] recently posted..Visual Learning for Toddler Mornings!My Profile

  8. A great twist on alphabet/word puzzles. Love the use of the sticky letters too.
    stephanie recently posted..Book Mama: Books for the Chinese New YearMy Profile

  9. Great idea. My youngest is showing a huge interest in letters at the moment – I have a stockpile of foam letters, so will add this activity to our list!
    Debbie @ Aspiring Mum recently posted..You Are Super, Mum.My Profile

  10. Gorgeous! I love the idea of using the foam stickers because all our other letters don’t have enough multiples to make all the words we want.
    Debs recently posted..Kid-made Valentines CheesecakesMy Profile

  11. Wow awesome!
    we will be doing it over the weekend :-) I have so many foam letters and shapes with no ideas how to use them. Thanks for the idea
    Renee @ adventures at home with mum recently posted..Developmental milestones – What should my 3-4 year old know?My Profile

  12. I bet grandma loved the sign :) My in-laws are coming to visit in a few months and I think we might just make them a sign too :)

    And I agree completely, it is so important to make the learning meaningful, to do it purposefully. Learning that occurs naturally will have much wider reaching benefits than learning that is decided for the child. This is a lovely purposeful literacy activity :)
    Kate – An Everyday Story recently posted..Natural Lavender PlaydoughMy Profile

  13. Oh I love this!! Miss Daisy is just getting into letters more and more and gets excited when she sees the letter ‘S’ anywhere and everywhere! :) Will be giving this one a try – thanks for sharing! x
    Bek @ Just For Daisy recently posted..Photo Shoot with Vanessa Jane PhotographyMy Profile

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  15. What a great way to teach some letter recognition. I think I might be making a couple of these up for my daughter.
    Thanks for linking up to the Kid’s Co-Op. I’m featuring this post on my Co-op post this week and pinning it to the Co-Op board on Pinterest as well :)
    Tricia @ Two Big Two Little recently posted..Learning Activities from the Weekly Kid’s Co-OpMy Profile

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