DIY Board Game

DIY Board Game

Way back when, before I had TWO kids, Pebble and I spent an afternoon making and playing with this board game, and came back to revisit it again and again. It was a lovely activity to do together and gave lots of opportunities for learning.DIY Board Game

How to make a board game:

We started by drawing a map of places that Pebble knows  – home, Grandma’s, the shops, the park. She told me what she wanted to draw and asked me to help her draw it. It was when she was going through a “you do it” phase, so lots of the drawings are mine. Pebble drew the ‘stop sign’ – she was very interested in road signs at the time. We used a small square of foam and some dot stickers to make a toddler friendly die representing 1, 2 and 3. You could use a regular six sided dice with older children. Once the map was made we took turns rolling the dice and moving our game pieces around the board. You can use anything for a game piece – we used these gorgeous crayons which have been lots of fun during play and art sessions.

Learning opportunities:

  • pre-writing
  • drawing
  • counting
  • turn taking
  • following rules
  • connecting real life experience to play

Try this:

  • make a board game based on a favourite book, movie or song
  • make a snakes and ladders style game
  • create directions along the path of the board game that encourage children to move and pretend, such as “jump like a kangaroo” or “wobble like a jelly”.

What type of board game would your children like to make?

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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11 Replies to “DIY Board Game”

    1. How old is Ike now? I’m really enjoying this three month old stage, before all that separation anxiety, teething, weaning and hard stuff starts. I hope you and Cam have fun making a board game together :)

  1. Hi Kylie,

    Thank you for showing us such beautiful board games. They are lovely. Can you also please write an article regarding online Project Management software? That might be more helpful for readers like me.

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