Easy Easter Bunting

Welcome to my little blog, and my inaugural post! The beginning of an institution, indeed…

This morning we had a Craftmergency! This means we needed CRAFT and we needed it NOW. Craftmergencies usually occur when Pebble is craving some one on one time and needs entertaining. Sure, I might have piles of washing and dishes to get to, meals to plan, teaching work to prep, but none of that is relevant to a two year old. A two year old who wants her mummy. I had been saving up some Easter ideas for this week (it’s not long until the Easter Bunny arrives!), and this was the perfect opportunity to implement my master plan (mwahahahahaha!).

2012-04-02 09.07.56

Sparkly Easter Banner

You will need:

4 pieces of A4 card in the colour(s) of your child’s choice
a pencil
Easter decorations (eg. table scatters, stickers, stamps, old Easter cards/pictures to cut and paste)
string or ribbon
a hole punch (or scissors and coordination!)


1. draw your egg shape onto a piece of card and cut it out. Use this first egg  to trace around to make as many same sized eggs as you desire for your banner. Or go nuts and make a banner with different sized eggs – my, aren’t you creative!? Cut out all your eggs.

2. Hand the egg shapes, decorations and glue to your toddler and let them go for it.  We like mini glue sticks for little hands and minimised mess, but use whatever glue you have to hand. NOT super glue. Obviously. After a slow and careful start with some delicate placement of glittery bunnies, Pebble’s technique soon evolved into a more slather/sprinkle/splatter approach. Both were equally effective. Go with it, let them have fun.

2012-04-02 08.26.57

And yes, she’s still wearing her PJs mid morning. What of it?

2012-04-02 08.36.51

3. Pebble inserted this step, very important… put your eggs in the sun to dry.

2012-04-02 08.47.34

4. Use the hole punch to punch holes (duh!) through the top of each egg and thread your string or ribbon through each hole. You can tie each egg in place so they don’t all slip together in a bunch, or discover that you should perhaps have done that earlier and then use double sided tape to secure the eggs instead. It’s a win either way! At this point you should give in to the idea that the toddler is over this craft business and wants to play with the shiny purple ribbon instead. I repeat: go with it, let them have fun.

2012-04-02 08.59.23

5. Hang your Easter banner somewhere for you and your cherub to admire.

6. Go make yourself a cup of tea and pat yourself on the back for being tops as.

Got a baby? Try torn up pieces of coloured paper to stick on instead of tiny, sharpish, glittery bunnies. And stay in charge of the glue!

Got a preschooler? Encourage them to make patterns and and add extra details, and get them to cut out their own eggs or decorations with appropriate scissors.

Got a school kid?  Ask them to draw and cut out their own egg shapes and make their own decorations out of card, tissue paper and the $2 shop basket (you know, beads, feathers, flowers, pipecleaners, ribbons, popsticks). They could also create bunny head shapes to alternate with the egg shapes on the banner.

Got something to say? Well go on then, you know what to do…

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