Christmas Tree Gift Tags

I have my sister to thank for this idea! She used this craft idea to make an advent calendar with her girls (check out ours here). I thought that they would make adorable gift tags for gifts too, and so easy, even the littlest kids can join in. I also made these gift tags with my class of six and seven year olds for their parent gift, and they had a ball making them.

Christmas Tree Gift Tags

You will need

paper plates (the smaller the plate, the smaller the gift tag will be – we used dinner plate sized)
green paint
paint brush
dot stickers
star stickers
hole punch

1. Paint the paper plates green and wait for them to dry. I showed the children how to paint with only a little paint, so that they dried quickly. At school we used water colour paint, at home we used poster paint. Both worked well but water colour dried faster.

2. Cut the paper plates into 6 or 8 pieces, like a pie, depending on how big or small you want your Christmas tree gift tags to be.

3. Place coloured dot stickers all over your Christmas trees. Top with a star sticker and punch a hole ready for threading onto ribbon when wrapping presents. Done!

Have you started wrapping presents yet? 

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7 Replies to “Christmas Tree Gift Tags”

  1. wish i saw this earlier. would’ve got the girls involved in tag making (not that I need any extra tags) but they would’ve loved this. oh well, there’s always next year!!!

  2. I was lucky enough to receive one of these beautiful gift tags (can’t believe a year has almost passed!). I love these to bits Kylie. Thank you. I’ll be featuring this in my ways to play and create with paper plates round up this week. xo P

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