Bubble Prints

Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky}Today was one of those relaxed, gorgeous days that you feel like doing not a lot of anything, but get bored doing nothing at all, so find yourself looking for something fun to fill the time. I had bubble printing on my to-do list for a while and today was the perfect day for it. The sun was shining, perhaps the last of our sunny days for a while as Autumn takes hold, and this creative play is best suited to outside, unless you like worrying about mess!

Bubble Prints

You will need:

  • 1 large jug
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 cup dish washing liquid
  • 3 bowls
  • 3 different food colourings
  • 3 straws
  • white paper
  • paper towel (optional)

To make bubble prints:

  1. Fill the jug with the water and dishwashing liquid and stir gently with one of the straws to combine.
  2. Pour a good squirt of food colouring into each bowl then top up with the soap mixture. Put a straw in each bowl.
  3. Invite children to blow bubbles into the soap mixture and watch as bubble grow in the bowl.
  4. Before the bubbles disappear gently press the paper on top of the bubbles and hold until the bubbles have popped (a couple of seconds).
  5. Lift the paper to reveal your bubble print! Keep making more prints to create your own art work, or just for the fun of it.

Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky}Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky}Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky} Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky} Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky} Bubble Prints {via Octavia and Vicky}

Tips for successful bubble printing:

  • Gather all your bits and pieces and set up the activity before eager kids join in.
  • Use a safety pin or needle to poke a hole through each straw. This will help avoid children slurping the soap liquid up the straw and into their mouths.
  • Place paper towel under the bowls to help soak up any spills as they happen.
  • The more food colouring you add, the more intense your colours will be.
  • Wear old clothes! Food colouring stains.

Have you ever tried bubble printing? 

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  1. I loved doing this as a kid! I can’t believe I forgot about it!!

    Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that’s the best. Thanks for the reminder…I’ve going to drag this all out today.

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