Art Sites for Kids

Art Sites for Young Children (under age four)

1. Play School

Every Aussie kid (and adult!) loves Play School. They have a great selection of games online, one of which is this cute Paint and Dance interactive. Children can paint a picture, then click the music button to watch it come alive to music.


2. Nick Jr

Nick Jr has lots of different online art activities for children, and they can be sorted by age. Very handy!

Nick Jr

3. Kaleidoscope

A simple site that allows children to draw amazing kaleidoscopes by clicking and dragging a mouse.


Sites for School Age Children

1. The National Gallery of Art’s Kids Zone

This site has several awesome interactive art activities. My favourite is See Saws ~ it allows you to choose from natural and man made objects to create your art work, then add animated characters and what them all play when you’re done.


2. PicassoHead

Create abstract portraits with the click of a mouse.


3. Scribbler

With this app the child creates a simple line drawing which, with the press of a button, becomes alive with scribble. Quite amazing to see and fun to play around with.


Have you found any great art sites for children lately? Oh, do tell!

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