3D Hole Punch Art {Video Tutorial}

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 3D Hole Punch Art A couple of weeks ago we were using the hole punch while making medals, which is a tool that Pebble hasn’t used much before. She really loved punching holes in paper, so I pulled out some more paper and she went to town with it. This is how we ended up making 3D hole punch art.

3D Hole Punch Art

You will need:

  • A4 paper in a range of colours
  • a hole punch
  • scissors
  • glue stick

To make your 3D hole punch art (video tutorial below): 3D Hole Punch Art Tutorial

  1. Choose two sheets of coloured paper. Set one aside.
  2. Fold one piece in half so that the two short edges meet. Cut approximately a two and a half centimetre (one inch) thick section away from the open edges.
  3. Fold the remaining paper in on itself in random directions until you can’t fold it any more (or until it’s too thick to fit in your hole punch).
  4. Punch as many holes as you like into the folded paper.
  5. Unfold your hole punched paper and place a small amount of glue in each corner and the centre of one side.
  6. Stick your hole punch art onto your background sheet of paper, leaving the folds sticking up away from the background so that light shines through the holes and onto the folds to create shadows.

3D Hole Punch Art Video Tutorial Check out this quick video tutorial featuring Rocky as my side kick. It’s my very first vlog! Please excuse the washing in the background LOL The stuff we learned

  • folding
  • measuring
  • cutting
  • hole punching
  • gluing
  • using light and shadow in art

Only after doing this little art project did I realise that the light and shadow effect is quite similar to that seen in art by my uncle, Peter Sharrock. Hi Uncle Pete! Check out his stuff if you’re interested in contemporary Indigenous art. If you’re looking for more art and craft for kids why not try these: Easy Paper Plate Craft DIY Board Game30 Second Butterfly Craft Bubble Wrap Printing

10 Replies to “3D Hole Punch Art {Video Tutorial}”

  1. Easy peasy
    Great job on the vlog & what a good baby rocky is quietly there in the background
    I just got dimples his very own single hole punch so he would have fun with this :-)

  2. Oooh, I love this idea! What a fun activity for my son. My preschoolers love using the hole punch too, so I bet they’d get a kick out of it. :) If you get the chance, I’d love for you to stop by Stress-Free Sunday this week to link up. Off to pin now!!

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