15 Ways to Play and Learn with Balloons

15 Ways to Play and Learn with Balloons

Balloons are a very handy play and learning tool to have in the house. If you have a bag of balloons there is so much playing, creating and learning to be done. Try some of these awesome ideas.

  1. Blow up balloons, throw streamers around the room, put on some music and play pretend parties (pictured). You could even write out invites and make a pretend birthday cake with play dough.
  2. Make a cute squeezy ball for sensory play (Laughing Kids Learn).
  3. Science fun with this DIY Water Fountain (Learn with Play at Home)
  4. Science play and sensory fun with balloons and water (Teach Preschool)
  5. A super simple balloon game to encourage eye tracking (Lessons Learnt Journal)
  6. Create a balloon surprise birthday countdown (Imagination Tree)
  7. Water balloon maths! (No Time for Flash Cards)
  8. Make Bouncy balloon paintings (Picklebums)
  9. Make and play balloon rockets (A Little Learning for Two)
  10. Outdoor fun with balloon sprinklers (Adventures at Home with Mum)
  11. Floating fish craft (At Home with Ali)
  12. Back yard water park with a water balloon pool (Learning 4 Kids)
  13. Balloon kite (Paint on the Ceiling)
  14. DIY Walking Balloon Pet (Green Owl Art)
  15. Water balloon sight words (Royal Baloo)
  16. Fine motor fishing fun (Mummy Musings and Mayhem)

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