10 Ideas for Reusing Old Calendars

10 Ideas for Reusing Old Calendars

1. Wall Art – framing them and displaying them would be at the top of my list! You could use individual illustrations or perhaps a collage of your favourites.

2. Gifts – choose a favourite for a special friend and frame it for a gift. You could also give them a copy of a picture book illustrated by the same artist.

3. Jigsaw puzzles – laminate the pictures and cut them into jigsaw pieces for children to play.

4. Memory  and Snap – print a double set of miniature illustrations, laminate them, and play memory or snap.

5. A new calendar – use word to create a new calendar for the following year and reuse all the beautiful art work again.

6. Notebooks – choose a favourite illustration and use it as the cover of a notebook. You can get notebook paper spiral bound cheaply at stationery stores.

7. Inspire children’s art work –  inspire creativity and skill in budding young artists. Slice the illustration into 2 cm strips. Stick down every second strip onto a piece of paper, leaving a gap for the missing piece. Children can fill in the blank pieces of the drawing themselves. Or, instead of strips, simply cut the illustration in half and children can draw the rest of the illustration – perhaps exactly the same as the original, or with their own creative flair.

8. Story starters – use the images for story inspiration with young children. Very young children can tell their stories verbally, while school age children can write their own stories.

9. Bookmarks – use the illustrations to create book marks for young readers.

10. Postcards – use the art work to create your own postcards to send to loved ones.

Do you like to reuse your old calendars? 

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7 Replies to “10 Ideas for Reusing Old Calendars”

  1. I like to modge podge them to cardboard and use them as drawer liners and as decoration on the inside of my kitchen cupboards. I’ve also framed 4 together in a large frame and used it as a dry erase board. You have some great ideas in here. :) I love that other people are as upcycle crazy as I am.

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