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Teddy Bear’s Picnic Party: The Cake


Octavia and Vicky: Teddy Bear's Picnic Party
One of THE most important parts of planning a child’s birthday party is the cake. Well, that’s my humble opinion :) My mum always made us a cake from the Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. Most newsagents, book shops and large variety shops sell the ‘vintage edition’ of this cook book now, but for many years it was out of print and you needed to scour op shops (or ebay!) to get your own copy. I was given my ‘vintage edition’ for Mother’s Day (thanks, hubby x).

For Pebble’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic Party I flicked through the book and found a couple of options for teddy bear cakes. Not being known for my cake decorating skills, I chose the easiest option. And then I made it even easier!  Here’s how I made the teddy bear face cakes (I made two, because I’m a chronic over-caterer).

Teddy Bear Face Cake (makes 2)

Octavia and Vicky: Teddy Bear's Picnic Party


  • 2 x store bought sponge cakes (gasp!)

Chocolate Butter Cream Icing (warning – this is a double quantity of icing and will make A LOT). I like it thick!)

  • 250g salt reduced butter, softened
  • 4 Tablespoons cocoa powder, sifted
  • 3 cups icing sugar, sifted
  • 2 tablespoons full fat milk

Decorations (this is what I used, but you can adapt to use whatever sweets or lollies you have available in your country)

  • approx 5og desiccated coconut
  • 4 x wagon wheel biscuits (original size) or any large, round, chocolate covered biscuit
  • 4 x large white chocolate buttons
  • 2 x 10cm pieces of thin licorice (I cut up one wider piece)
  • 4 x raspberry lollies
  • 4 x chocolate covered marshmallows
  • 4 x small brown chocolate buttons

1. Very important step: DROP YOUR TODDLER OFF AT THE HOME OF A MUCH LOVED CARER (thanks Grandma). If you don’t have another adult available you could try using a combination of television and left over cake decorations – however this is not recommended.

2. Place the sponge cakes on to your serving dish. I happened to have two round cake boards from a previous party.

3. To make the Chocolate Butter Cream Icing: place the butter into a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer until the butter is as white as possible. Gradually beat in approximately half the icing sugar, beating as you go to incorporate it into the butter. Add the milk, beating constantly, then gradually beat in the remaining icing sugar and the cocoa powder, until the icing is thick, creamy and brown.

4. To decorate the cakes (refer photo):

  • Use a spatula to smooth half the chocolate butter cream icing onto each cake, covering the cake completely (no need to be too neat, bears are furry after all!). Save a couple of tablespoons of icing to use as ‘glue’ for sticking on the decorations (and a couple more if you like eating it yourself).
  • Place a scone cutter or egg ring on to each cake as a guide for sprinkling the coconut into the round nose shape. Use a spoon to carefully sprinkle the coconut into the ring, and gently press down into the icing.
  • Use a little leftover icing as glue and stick the licorice mouth, raspberry lolly tongue and marshmallow nose into place. Remove the scone cutter/egg ring.
  • Use a little more leftover icing to stick the white chocolate buttons and brown chocolate buttons on as eyes.
  • Press the Wagon Wheels into the head as ears.
  • Eat the remaining icing.

5. Very important step: Collect your toddler from their much loved carer’s house and resume normal parenting programming.

There will be more Teddy Bear’s Picnic party planning ideas to come this week, make sure you come back to see tips for food, decorations, treat bags and kids activities.

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Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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  2. I love the red tongues! But yes, I agree with your important steps. It is impossible to decorate a cake with “help”!
    Danya Banya recently posted..Bath tub painting funMy Profile

  3. Yumo, those teddy bear cakes look delicious! And my brothers and I always poured over the WW Birthday Book too :-) Such wonderful fun! My mum actually passed her copy on to me when I had Dino Boy, very sweet xx Can’t wait to read more about the party!
    Kelly recently posted..How to make a gnome familyMy Profile

  4. Well done they turned out great. Cant go past a packet mix for a quick kids birthday cake, we have all been there and done that.
    Rebecca recently posted..CREATE TRAY NO.3My Profile

  5. How important is point 1 ??!!!
    Not only do the teddy bears look absolutely delish they are so adorably cute too! Well done, Kylie! x
    Grace recently posted..Take the pressure downMy Profile

  6. Such a fun post Kylie!
    I had many of those WW Bday cakes when I was growing up. We all did. Wow, my Mum did great! Especially now I think, She didn’t get to use step 1.

    My boys now, look through the book (about once a week!)
    I don’t think they’ve made the connection that they could request one for their own parties. I’m kind of grateful for that.
    Although, you’ve done such a wonderful job with the teddies… maybe I COULD do it…
    Hinterland Mama recently posted..Chalk potion science – experimentation in the name of funMy Profile

  7. I love the crazy eyes on Teddy #2
    Nice work!
    Dimples had a similar cake on his First Birthday but these look much more fun.
    Renee @ Adventures at home with Mum recently posted..Dinosaur Fossil DiscoveryMy Profile

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  10. I always had a cake from The Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book as well. I’m not very successful at cake making (I have been known to purchase one from a cake shop on the morning of the party…) so no gasps from me that you used a store-bought sponge!! The cakes look great!
    Debbie @ Aspiring Mum recently posted..Connecting Daily With My Children.My Profile

  11. It turned out wonderfully! We have that book too. For Jack’s first birthday I tried to make the little frog pine. It was a complete disaster! Oh well. It is nice to flick through the book and dream though :D
    Kate – An Everyday Story recently posted..The Blue Fire ExtinguisherMy Profile

  12. Simply gorgeous love teddy bears

  13. ooh these look adorable and delicious!

  14. You can’t go past a WW Teddy bear cake and yours is soooo cute! What fun, love this post Kylie x
    [email protected] recently posted..The Power of Eggshells!My Profile

  15. Well done. The cakes look delicious. I loved that Women’s Weekly cookbook as a child too. And, I remember Mum always pulling off the cake I asked her to make.

    Looks like your party was a huge success.
    [email protected] Little Bookcase recently posted..A baby’s first book: A precious milestoneMy Profile

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