Strawberry Milk

I’m very lucky to have a helping hand from some awesome blogging friends while Paul, Pebble and I settle in with little Rockster. Today JJ from 84th and 3rd is sharing a delicious and super health strawberry milk recipe.


Hi everyone, lovely to be here! First up, a big congrats to Kylie for her new blue bundle of joy. I’m glad I can be here to pitch in while she is taking a bit of a break to settle-in the recent addition to the family.

I ‘met’ Kylie in the middle of last year when she won a copy of a cookbook I was giving away, as luck would have it I was halfway through a big glass of Strawberry Milk when I saw her tweet asking for a bit of guest-post help!


I knew immediately this treat would be perfect. It is something I refer to as an ‘Almost Recipe’ – simple ingredients, thrown together without many measurements into creations that are at times very obvious… it’s kind of like modern art, once you see it you can’t imagine why you didn’t think of it first.

Flavoured milk horrifies me a bit, it always has – even before we started eating unprocessed a few years ago. I have to admit that back then I was guilty of enjoying a powder-based chocolate milk from time to time but my husband used to drink both the freaky pink strawberry and lurid yellow banana versions and it always grossed me out.


The other day however I had a craving for strawberry milk – not a smoothie, not ice cream, not a milkshake – just cold frothy real strawberry milk.

We had stacks of summer berries hanging around and various different kinds of milk living in the fridge. If what’s in there today is any indication I probably used a mixture of goat, almond and rice.


A few minutes later pink milk was mine and it has made many an appearance since.

This is a fabulous treat for the whole family – takes only minutes to make – and can be enjoyed without any of the chemically-induced guilt of scary flavoured powder. I’m sure new-big-sis Pebble will love it!


Strawberry Milk

Put away the scary pink powder and the plastic bottles. This is where it’s at.


  • ripe strawberries – fresh, frozen or both
  • milk – from any animal, plant or nut of your choice
  • rice syrup – or maple syrup, or agave, or honey, or un-refined sugar – or nothing at all
  • vanilla paste or extract, if you want to make it fancy


Blend a handful or two of ripe strawberries with your milk.

Add vanilla and sweetener to taste if using.

Marvel at how it tastes like strawberries, immediately get rid of scary pink power and pre-mixed cartons. Make another glass.


  • Using half fresh and half frozen berries makes the milk it really cold and frothy.

Options for: vegan // dairy free // soy free // nut free // refined sugar free

JJ-ProfilePicA Sydney-based Aussie by passport, born and raised in America-land, JJ firmly believes food should be fun, healthy should not mean boring, and if all else fails pie makes everything better. She shares her recipes and adventures at

JJ is a recipe developer, comms consultant, photographer, writer, designer, runner, yogi, itchy-feet traveler, NYC tragic, brunch addict, prolific tea drinker and mad-scientist.

You can also find her on Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest // Google+



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