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Fruit Juice Slushie


Homemade Fruit Juice Slushie | Octavia and Vicky

This summer I have been a little bit obsessed by slushies (you might know them as Slurpees?). I have experimented with making my own Fruit Juice Slushie at home, and here is my favourite version.

Fruit Juice Slushie


(none of the products mentioned are sponsored, I just like them)

  • 3 fruit juice ice blocks (equal to about 70ml each – I use Berri Quelch but you could make your own)
  • 150 – 250ml tropical fruit juice
  • 1 scoop of fruit sorbet (I like Weiss Mango Sorbet)


  1. Place the fruit juice ice blocks on the kitchen bench and, while still in their wrappers, smash them up a bit with a rolling pin. Cut the tops off and tip the contents into a blender, or a large jug (if using a stick blender).
  2. Add the juice and sorbet.
  3. Blitz with your blender until it turns into a slushie consistency.
  4. Pour into a glass, add a straw and slurp away!

Homemade Fruit Juice Slushie | Octavia and Vicky Homemade Fruit Juice Slushie | Octavia and VickyHomemade Fruit Juice Slushie | Octavia and Vicky
What’s your favourite drink to help keep your cool in summer?


  1. I try to con E into drinking milk (which she is generally not keen on) by giving her “delicious mango and banana drink” which is basically banana and mango smoothie (banana, mango, yoghurt, milk and a bit of vanilla essence whizzed up with a stick blender).
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