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Easy Fried Rice

I’ve written before about our fussy little eater, and strategies we’ve put in place to get over the dinner time hump. I am very pleased to say that we are still using the Family Meal Planner every day, and Pebble is now eating eleven different dinners. Reminder: she used to ask for one of two dinners every. single. night. Now she just asks “what’s for dinner tonight, Mum?” As it should be, don’t you think?

The next step is to start including a new meal to try once a week or once a fortnight, to keep on broadening Pebble’s meal choices.  We tried this recently with “Fried” Rice and it went down a treat. The best part about Fried Rice is that you can customise it to what your child enjoys eating and/or what you have in the fridge. This meal changes each time I make it, Paul and I have always enjoyed eating it, and now Pebble chows down on it too. The other awesome thing is that you can choose how you make it – if you’re in a rush you can use microwave steam packs of rice and vegetables, or if you prefer and have more time you can cook the rice from scratch and use fresh vegetables. You can use fresh chicken, or shred up a pre-cooked BBQ chook from the supermarket.

Easy ‘Fried’ Rice


  • 1 teaspoon oil (I use rice bran oil)
  • 1 small chicken breast, cut into small pieces (or 1 chicken breast from a roast chook)
  • 1 clove garlic, minced (I use the jar stuff!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger, minced (more jar stuff for us!)
  • vegetables of your choice, cut into small pieces (try capsicum, mushroom, peas, corn, snow peas, spring onion, broccoli, carrot, green beans). You can use fresh or frozen.
  • 2 cups white rice, cooked (freshly cooked, or cooked the day before, or a microwave pack)
  • soy sauce


  1. If using fresh chicken, stir fry in a wok or non-stick frying pan with the oil until just cooked, then add in the garlic and ginger, and stir fry for another 30 seconds or so, until fragrant. If using pre-cooked chicken then stir fry the garlic and ginger in oil for 30 seconds before adding the cooked, shredded chicken.
  2. Microwave the vegetables for a couple of minutes until just cooked, then add to the wok/frying pan. I just throw all the veggies into the same microwave safe bowl for this job and do them together. Keep it simple!
  3. Add the rice to the wok and stir fry until everything is well combined and hot.
  4. Add soy sauce to taste before eating – that way everyone gets to choose how much to add to their plate.

As Pebble is super fussy the first time I served this I asked her what she wanted to add to her rice, and made her a separate bowl. Her fried rice included just peas, corn, broccoli and chicken, with no soy sauce, and she gobbled it all up.

A couple of optional extras that I often include for Paul and I is chopped bacon and chopped omelette. Both only take a minute to cook in the wok and add extra flavour and colour.

Easy Fried Rice

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Please follow along on the Blog Hop!  You’re sure to find some simple family recipes that will make cooking at home much simpler.

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