Simple Meals and Treats to Cook with Kids

I’m very lucky to have a helping hand from some awesome blogging friends while Paul, Pebble and I settle in with little Rockster. Today Bekka from Just for Daisy is sharing some yummy meals and treats that she likes to cook with her little Miss Daisy.


One of the things that surprised me after having our second daughter last year was how much I would have to truly organise my life to stay on top of things! Should it really have surprised me!?

I am an organiser at heart so although a little surprising this didn’t bother me too much. It became an evening ritual to write a to do list for the following day, do what I could the night before and start the new day with a plan of action!

One of my favourite things to plan was the yummy meals and treats we’d make each week. I like to meal plan weekly, as well as plan what kinds of baking/snacks we’ll make over the week. This helps with organising a grocery list as well as keeping me inspired to bake our treats rather than resort to store bought or processed items.

Baking is also a time that Miss Daisy and I spend together. She’s enjoyed baking with me since she was 9 months old and at two and a half she’s now quite confident in the kitchen!

Here are some of our favourites that we like to make together:

Pea & Feta Fritters

This is a very quick and easy toddler friendly lunch or a last minute dinner that the whole family can enjoy. If you grow your own herbs you can very easily substitute the feta for grated cheese and you should always have these ingredients on hand! Loved by our whole family! Miss Daisy likes them with sauce and a few leaves (spinach leaves) for lunch or dinner. Hubby and I enjoy with salad!

2 Ingredient Chocolate Crackles

These are just a little too easy! But perfect for a last minute play group snack contribution or to take along for a morning tea with friends. They’d also be the perfect addition to any party table and the best part is, no copha!

One bowl Choc Coconut Slice

This one is a favourite in my family and is usually on the table at birthday parties and other gatherings! We made these to take along to a dinner last week! It’s quick and easy and a favourite with children and adults alike. The perfect companion to a hot (or cold) cuppa!

Easy Cookie Dough

I’ve generally got a roll of this cookie dough in my freezer at all times, ready to bake for unannounced guests or just to enjoy on our own if we don’t feel like all the dishes that baking can bring! So many variations can be made from this easy cookie dough recipe. Double it, triple it, enjoy!


This is where it all began for us! We have made scones together for such a long time! And we thoroughly enjoy eating them together too. Tea party optional!

Sticky Date Mug Cake

And this one is just for you. New mummy. Tired mummy. Frazzled mummy. Dessert for one is served. Or split it in two if you think your hubby is deserving! :) After falling in love with the choc mug cake I just had to experiment with my favourite dessert and came up with this perfect (sickly sweet!) individual delight!


Bekka ~ Just for Daisy

Bekka is a primary school teacher turned SAHM to two little girls. A lover of baking, sewing and creating, Just For Daisy is where she blogs about her life and the loves of her life!

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