Art Sites for Kids

Art Sites for Young Children (under age four)

1. Play School

Every Aussie kid (and adult!) loves Play School. They have a great selection of games online, one of which is this cute Paint and Dance interactive. Children can paint a picture, then click the music button to watch it come alive to music.


2. Nick Jr

Nick Jr has lots of different online art activities for children, and they can be sorted by age. Very handy!

Nick Jr

3. Kaleidoscope

A simple site that allows children to draw amazing kaleidoscopes by clicking and dragging a mouse.


Sites for School Age Children

1. The National Gallery of Art’s Kids Zone

This site has several awesome interactive art activities. My favourite is See Saws ~ it allows you to choose from natural and man made objects to create your art work, then add animated characters and what them all play when you’re done.


2. PicassoHead

Create abstract portraits with the click of a mouse.


3. Scribbler

With this app the child creates a simple line drawing which, with the press of a button, becomes alive with scribble. Quite amazing to see and fun to play around with.


Have you found any great art sites for children lately? Oh, do tell!

Weather Resources for Kids

Our class of five year olds is learning about weather at the moment, and my two year old is very curious about the weather Autumn arrives here in Australia. So I thought to myself, what the internet needs is an awesome list of weather resources for kids! Right? Read on…

I’ve grouped these sites by age because that’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for myself, and couldn’t find. The grouping is based on how easy it is for children to participate in the activity, or to access and ‘read’ the information at their age. But don’t let the groupings hold you back – take a look for yourself to see what would best suit the children that you’re playing and learning with.

Weather Resources for Kids

Sites for 2 – 4 year olds

Fullscreen capture 29042012 25055 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 32508 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 32919 PM.bmp

Sites for Kindergarteners and Beginning Schoolies (receptions, preps)

Fullscreen capture 29042012 24931 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 25255 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 25523 PM.bmp

Sites for 6 – 8 year olds

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23314 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23915 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 24425 PM.bmp

Sites for 8 + year olds

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23051 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23651 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29042012 24717 PM.bmp

Have you found any fun places to learn about weather online? Please share!

Apps for Kids

O&V April4

I’m still that podcast listening, photo geeking, Android obsessed chick. {iPhone peeps, don’t walk away just yet. I have some love for you today too, just sit tight}. I also seem to always be making confessions here…. oh well, here goes another one: I let me kid play with my phone. Yeah, yeah, kids get too much screen time, I know it. But. There is a time and a place for these things. In our family those times and places are: waiting rooms, and early mornings in bed. We’ll often start the day with Pebble padding into our room, climbing into our bed and asking “Pay a game, pees?”, with that high pitched, overly sweet emphasis on the “pees” that she knows gives her maximum chance of success.

Here’s what we like to play with.

apps heytell

HeyTell [Android] [iPad & iPhone]

This is an awesome communication app for adults and kids, but we love it for a quick ‘hello’ or ‘I love you’ to and from family and friends. You simply press and hold the name of the person you want to talk to and it records and sends your message to their phone (they must also have HeyTell installed). Grandad has been a big fan of sending ‘Goodnight Pebble, I love you” messages at bedtime. Naw.

Price: Free

apps story chimes

StoryChimes [Android] [iPad & iPhone]

These are cute little classic story books that you can have read aloud or record yourself reading the story. You can set the page flip to manual or automatic and it even has a ‘bedtime’ setting that allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen within the app. The only negative that I have found is that the text is very small (on my phone) so it’s difficult to actually read. This doesn’t effect Pebble’s experience at the moment, but it might as she gets older and is interested in reading words. Tablet users may find that it’s not a problem.

Price: Free for Android. $0.99 each from iTunes.

apps kids doodle

Kids Doodle [Android] [iPad & iPhone]

This is a kids drawing app that allows you to draw using a bunch of different tools like neon, emboss, crayon, and rainbow. You can also save your work to your SD card and share it with friends. It has a cute “shake” to clear the screen function and you can choose the background colour of each pic.

This app is free, however I paid $1.49AUS to upgrade to Kids Doodle Pro and remove ads. You also get an added feature of being able to doodle over your own photos. Drawing on Mummy’s face is fun! [upgrade for Android] [upgrade N/A for iPad & iPhone]

Price: Free

Honourable mentions: Android only (sorry!)

Kids Piano Lite – Free (contains ads at menu but not in play. Upgrade to remove)

Toddler Cars – Free (contains ads)

Toddlers Trifling – Free (contains ads at menu, but not in play. Upgrade to remove)

Do you let your kids use your phone? What’s you favourite app for kids?

Podcasts for Kids and more

I love a good hit of quality podcast. I love it in the car. I love it while I’m doing housework. I love it while working out at the gym (oh, what’s that message on my phone? I haven’t been to the gym for 90 days? Surely a clerical error…).

Here’s what I love to shove in my ears during those moments.

For the Kids

story home

bbc up to 3                         story nory

These are great places to pick up free stories for kids. I have used audio stories lots in the classroom, however the one time I tried one with Pebble she wandered out of the room in under 3.7 seconds. I must try again. Perhaps your toddler will be more interested!

Get Your Geek On

GEEK ALERT! Yep, I can’t get enough of Radio National. It’s not enough that it’s on the free to air radio, in fact, that is almost useless to me. What I like is the shows I want, when I want ‘em. Here’s my favs (click on each pic to find out more).

rn 360 documentariesrn body spherern common knowledgern download this showrn life mattersrn big ideas

My number one fav is Life Matters, and it was quite the adjustment this year saying goodbye to long time presenter Richard Adey. RN chose a fantastic replacement in Natasha Mitchell, who I already loved listening to on All In The Mind. It’s about life and stuff that matters. Monday Modern Dilemmas is a good new segment to check out.

New favourite is Download This Show presented by Marc Fennell. It’s everything geek-tech news and I can’t get enough.

For a Laugh


Answer Me This: Two British presenters, Helen and Olly, along with Helen’s husband, Martin the Soundman, answer anything and everything from their listeners. I’m about the same age as all of the presenters and their humour just gels with me. Plus, I love English stuff. The weekly live custom theme tune is enough for me to tune in alone.

I Like to Move It, Move It…

motion traxx

For those times that I do move my butt and get some exercise, Motion Traxx has an amazing selection. You can choose depending on exercise (running, cycling, walking) and BPM, to match your fitness level. Now, where are my sneakers?

How I listen

I use my Samsang Galaxy SII to stream podcasts using Stitcher and Samsung Kies Cast. Stitcher generally satisfies all my geeky needs but occasionally there’s something that I can only get through Samsung Kies Cast so I use both. I’m a bit of a slut that way.

Phew! I think I’ve ranted and raved about my love of Podcasts enough.

Got something to say? Go on, you know you want to…

Websites for Kids

I’m a technology addict. I love myself some blogs and gadgets and games and social networks. Oh, hey! Did you see you can catch up with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter – shameless, I know…

So, I thought, how can I make the most of my addiction, and probably your addiction too, if you’re reading this, am I right? I’m going to make your day, because this little blog is going to be sharing fun and fabulous techy things all the time. Like, weekly. I’m calling it: Click.

This week? Something for the little ‘uns and something for the school kids too. Next week? Who knows… maybe some fashion, maybe some blogs, maybe a new gadget, you’ll have to wait and see. Fun!

For now, get your small one and plonk them in front of this for a bit:

Poisson Rouge

Fullscreen capture 2042012 22437 PM.bmp

Poisson Rouge (French for Red Fish) is a labyrinth of fun, easy, interactive games for little kids. It’s great for teaching the smallest of hands to use a mouse as they click and click and click all over the page. Almost anywhere you click will take you to somewhere exciting or make something amazing happen. You almost can’t go wrong.

Oxford Owl

Fullscreen capture 2042012 24930 PM

Oxford Owl looks a little more studious, but don’t be fooled, it still has plenty of fun factor. I use this a lot in the classroom, especially during guided reading sessions. I hook up the six-way headphone set to the PC and BAM! instant listening centre. Plus, many of the books come with follow up games and activities to teach literacy concepts from the story. I’m sure kids would have fun reading with this at home. Books are levelled by age, and can be searched for by genre, book type and series.

Have you found any fab clicky places for kids lately? Please do share them in the comments.