Learning About Numbers – Subitising and Number Recognition

Learning about numbers - subitising and number recognition | Octavia and Vicky

I haven’t shared any of our favourite kids apps for a while – mostly because we haven’t been using them. Interests have been elsewhere! However, in the last week Pebble has been asking to play a game again, and it’s always the same one. She really loves Baby Bus – Baby Learns Numbers (not sponsored – just love it!). Baby Bus has LOTS of different apps available, but this is the one that has taken Pebble’s fancy. Perhaps the interest in number comes from her recent birthday and talking about being three, not two?

The game is played by looking at a group of objects – different types of fish – in a row. The child needs to try to count how many objects there are and match it to the correct bucket below.

Technology for Kids: Baby Bus App - Numbers | Octavia and Vicky

This game is just the right level for Pebble at the moment, and might be fun for your child if they:

  • enjoy counting or are interested in numbers
  • can subitise and/or count up to 10 objects
  • can recognise some or all of the numerals from 1 to 10

So, um… what’s the subitising business? That’s teacher-talk for being able to recognise the number of objects in a small group, without counting. At the moment Pebble can subitise up to 3 with accuracy, sometimes 4.

Pebble can recite the numbers 1 – 12 accurately. Reciting numbers in order is different from being able to count a group of objects correctly. Pebble can count a group of up to six objects correctly, often getting confused when the number gets higher than that. The app is very forgiving – if the child chooses the wrong answer the first time they can just choose another answer until they get it right.

As a parent I like this app because:

  • it has clear sound, pictures and numbers
  • it is repetitive – it counts the objects out loud each time
  • the music is optional! (thank goodness for the mute button)
  • it does not increase in difficulty as it goes along – that would be too tricky for Pebble’s age
  • it can be played in a few minutes – that’s enough screen time

If your child is still learning to recognise the numerals 1 – 10 you can talk about the shapes of the numerals to help them find the correct answer. Pebble can point and count to each object to find out how many objects there are, but sometimes doesn’t know which bucket to choose. I might suggest that the numeral she is looking for is ‘pointy’, ‘curly’.

Taking it further – Play Time!

I love a good app, but I also love taking a child’s interest to the next level and into the real world. So your child is interested in learning about numbers? Try these fun, hands on games for learning to subitise and recognise numerals.

Learning About Numbers - Subitising and Number Recognition | Octavia and Vicky
Dice Bingo and Numerals Card Game – both from Lessons Learnt Journal

Learning About Numbers - Subitising and Number Recognition | Octavia and Vicky

Sorting and Subitising with Egg Cartons – from Learn with Play at Home

Pebble ~ Three years old (36 months)

Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

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Harry Potter for Christmas!

I am a big Harry Potter fan. I was a little slow to the party though – I read ALL the books this year. As in, 2012. Then I watched all the movies back to back, which was actually pretty awesome! No need to wait for new releases – there’s gotta be some up side to being slow with these things, right?

I am a wee bit excited to see this new PlayStation 3 game, Wonderbook: Book of Spells. It uses Play Station’s latest technology, Wonderbook, to bring new stories by J.K. Rowling to life – watching the video of this game just blows my mind. It’s a long way from my childhood, playing Space Invaders on Atari! Seriously, you have to see it.

There are more videos and pictures at the Wonderbook: Book of Spells web site – I found it really interesting to watch the Developer Diaries, explaining how they created the game.

In the game, you actually cast spells. With a wand! It’s like going to Hogwarts, for real. I know a few kids who would LOVE this game for Christmas. Love, love, LOVE! I remember the days of getting a new game for Christmas and playing it ALL day. And then dreaming about it all night :) This is going to be one of those games.

Do you know someone who’d love to unwrap Wonderbook: Book of Spells this Christmas?

This is a sponsored post but opinions are my own.

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Halloween Games for Kids

One of my favourite childhood memories is of a Halloween party that we had in our classroom. It was Year 3 and everyone got to dress up and play games. My parents took me trick or treating on the block where we lived and I loved every second of it. Check me out!

{All dressed up for Halloween, circa 1985, with my little brother and sister)

To celebrate Halloween I have rounded up a few online games for kids in the Halloween spirit. I hope the kids have fun with them. Most of these games are suitable for primary school age children. Please use your own discretion to decide whether the games are suitable for your children. I don’t want to give anyone nightmares!

Halloween Hang Man

Halloween Pumpkins

Spooky Sequences – Twos

Find the Brain!

Stacking Pumpkins

Have you got a favourite Halloween memory?

Weather Resources for Kids

Our class of five year olds is learning about weather at the moment, and my two year old is very curious about the weather Autumn arrives here in Australia. So I thought to myself, what the internet needs is an awesome list of weather resources for kids! Right? Read on…

I’ve grouped these sites by age because that’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for myself, and couldn’t find. The grouping is based on how easy it is for children to participate in the activity, or to access and ‘read’ the information at their age. But don’t let the groupings hold you back – take a look for yourself to see what would best suit the children that you’re playing and learning with.

Weather Resources for Kids

Sites for 2 – 4 year olds

Fullscreen capture 29042012 25055 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 32508 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 32919 PM.bmp

Sites for Kindergarteners and Beginning Schoolies (receptions, preps)

Fullscreen capture 29042012 24931 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 25255 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 25523 PM.bmp

Sites for 6 – 8 year olds

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23314 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23915 PM.bmpFullscreen capture 29042012 24425 PM.bmp

Sites for 8 + year olds

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23051 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29042012 23651 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 29042012 24717 PM.bmp

Have you found any fun places to learn about weather online? Please share!