How to shop smart on-line this Christmas

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How to shop smart on-line this Christmas: Tips for Buying Electronic Gadgets Online

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re like me, you haven’t even started shopping yet. I am a last minute Christmas shopper – I confess! Lucky for me there are some awesome deals to be had online.  Also lucky for me – some of the most popular gifts under the Christmas tree this year will be gadgets. I love me a good gadget and I can tell you that I’ve included a few in my letter to Santa :)

What gadgets are on your wish list? Perhaps a Tablet-PC for hubby? A smartphone for the teenagers? Computer games for the kids? I’ll be doing lots of my buying of electronic goods online. If I can avoid dragging my heavily pregnant self AND my two year old to the cray-cray that is Christmas shopping, then I will! Here are some tips for buying electronics online:

  • Compare different online shops. Take the time to look at what different retailers are offering. Some throw in extra accessories for free, great warranties or free delivery.
  • Check the trustworthiness of the retailer. Keep your eyes open for trustworthy payment systems and customer reviews. Unfortunately there is plenty of dodgy-dodge going out there on the interwebs – but there are lots of sites that can be trusted too. Ask your friends where they’ve shopped before.
  • Watch out for sales. Electronic gadgets can easily rack up a few hundred dollars (or more!) per item, so it’s worth watching out for bargains and coupons as well. Some coupons offer 30% – 40% off your geek gear! Cha-ching, my friends.
  • Choose the most suitable electronic product. Don’t get sucked into buying something with extra whizz bang features that no one really needs. Skimp a little here and you’ll save a little (or a lot!) there.

What gadgets do you have your eye on to give (or receive) this Christmas? 

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Which Internet Browser Do You Use?


Hello! Thanks so much for visiting… but I’m just wondering…. ? Which browser are you using? You see, I recently discovered that if you’re using an older version of an internet browser then you might not be seeing Octavia and Vicky as it should be. I was using a computer elsewhere and all of the photos of Octavia and Vicky looked squished! A travesty! Then I checked my stats and saw that quite a few people are using that very browser to visit me. This will never do.

So, if you’d like to make sure that you’re seeing the internet at it’s best, why not upgrade your internet browser?

Here’s are the links to download popular internet browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari 


You’re welcome!

I like geek stuff. Here is some other geeky stuff that I’ve written about.

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How to Get More Blog Comments

How to Get More Blog Comments

(alternative titles: ‘Saving the World, One Blog at a Time’ and ‘How to STOP Driving Your Readers INSANE!’)

I like to write about technology from time to time. I enjoy sharing apps and games for kids and geek stuff for adults. Today is a little different. Today, I’m addressing a pet peeve of mine.


If you’re a blogger, or a blog reader, you have probably seen this nasty little thing thrown at you when you’re trying to leave a comment on someone else’s (Blogger) blog:

Simply type these letters and numbers into the box below, and your comment will be accepted.

Really? REALLY!??

I love spreading comment love. I love to visit your blog and tell you how awesome it is. But when I see this? I get SO frustrated. I’ll try once. I might try twice. I definitely don’t try more than three times. Three strikes? You’re out. No comment for you.

I think that many bloggers don’t even realise they’re killing off comments every day with this word verification system. So I am here to save the day. This, people, is how you turn that sucker off:

How to turn off word verification (Blogger)

Go to your Dashboard. Then click on ‘Settings’ in the left hand menu. Click on ‘Posts and Comments’. Scroll down to ‘Show Word Verification’. Select NO.

You’re welcome.

Do you have a pet peeve? And while we’re changing stuff on blogs… what would you change about THIS blog?

Octavia and Vicky: The Original

Octavia and Vicky: The Original

Thank goodness for mothers who hang on to the important stuff. I thought I’d lost the original copy of my Octavia and Vicky story… the story which gave it’s name to this little blog. It’s about a little girl name Vicky, and her friend Octavia, the spider. I wrote it at school when I was five (clearly we hadn’t covered punctuation yet!). I can’t remember if this book was based on a picture book that a teacher read to the class, or if I made it up, but my mum has treasured it for years.

As a grown up, I have now taken possession of this treasure, and take great pride in sharing it with you as I say Thanks Mum!

Translation (edited): One day Vicky was in bed and she heard a noise. She woke up and she saw a spider, so she got a broom and she brang Octavia down. She patted her and they had a good time together. They played together and then she went to bed. The next day they had breakfast. In the afternoon Octavia had lunch but Vicky didn’t have lunch but they were still friends. The End.

This week I’m grateful for Mum. Does your mum hang on to precious memories too?

Geek Chic

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{Me and my phone. It’s love}

Regular readers know that I love a little bit of technology, and I know that I’m not the only person around here that loves, loves, loves their mobile phone. Especially us bloggers. Perhaps I love mine a little too much.



I have been a Samsung convert ever since I first wrapped my little fingers around the Samsung S. I turned it on and it just did stuff. My online world was suddenly at my finger tips with the click of a button. It was all so easy.

It wasn’t long before I needed MORE. Of course my very next mobile phone purchase was the Samsung SII. It is everything that I could have hoped for, and more. I use it to blog, tweet, IG, FB, msg, photograph, film, stay on schedule, take notes, make lists, play games, educate. I get really, really sad if I forget my phone. Like, really sad.

So. What’s next? Uh huh, that’s right. The Samsung SIII. Bring it to me baby.

With all the awesomeness of Android you can make your photospretty, protect your memories, feed the family, organise your life, track your pregnancy, get your baby to sleep, stopyourkidsgoingcrazy in doctors waiting rooms, entertain your ears, find your dream home… and that’s only the beginning.

Do you love your mobile phone? What app could you never live without?

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