Vaccination Reminder App and Other Internet Goodies

Want some help to remember those vaccination dates?

Or trick out your blog?

Or figure out the video gadget on Instagram?

Say no more! I’ve got some goodies just for you.

Save the Date to Vaccinate App

Save the Date to Vaccinate

The Save The Date app is a great little tool that helps remind you keep on top of your children’s vaccinations. I need all the help I can get to remember these things! Created by the NSW government, it’s really easy to use and is available for Android or Apple.

8 Simple Tutorials to Enhance Your Blog

8 Simple Tutorials to Enhance Your Blog

I love a bit of blog tweaking and my lovely friend Bekka from Just for Daisy has been busy writing tutorials for doing just that. Follow her instructions for adding a button to your blog, creating social media buttons, adding clickable images tabs in your sidebar and lots more.
How to use instagram video

Instagram Got Video

Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim is great at capturing new social media tricks and reviewing them simply and beautifully. She has done it again with her tips for using the new video feature on Instagram.

Want more internet goodies? Set the kiddies up with some colouring pages, teach them number recognition or automatically back up your mobile phone photos.

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Parenting Resources: Family Food, Podcasts and Apps

I am always excited to find new resources for parenting, especially if they involve geekery like podcasts, ebooks and apps. Just recently I have found three new online resources that I just had to share. None of these resources are sponsored, I just really like them, and thought you might too.

Family Food: The Dinner Edition ebook

Two of my favourite Australian bloggers, Christie from Childhood 101 and Kyrstie from A Fresh Legacy, have combined super powers to create this tasty and family friendly collection of recipes in Family Food: The Dinner Edition. We have already tried five of the recipes – they’re all winners so far and we’ll be using them again. We’ve tried the Chicken Pie, Tuna Patties, Tasty Beef Casserole, Easy Beef Burritos and Tuna Bake. I love that the recipes are easy to follow and are fresher, lighter versions than I might normally cook. The flavours are all child friendly, and Pebble particularly loved the Tuna Patties and Chicken Pie. There is also some good advice for cooking with children, growing your own food and encouraging reluctant eaters. Thank you to Christie for giving me a free copy of the ebook to try. The ebook is available for instant download for $AU11.95.

Raising Playful Tots podcast

Raising Playful Tots Index
I have recently found and become addicted to the Raising Playful Tots podcast after listening to an interview with fellow blogger and super mama Debs. The podcast has become a new favourite on long drives when Pebble is sleeping, or when I get my fortnightly cleaning day all to myself. I never thought I’d look forward to cleaning the house – but when it means that Grandma looks after Pebble AND I get to listen to my favourite shows, well, what’s not to love!? It’s SO much easier to clean without a toddler under my feet. Raising Playful Tots is produced by Melitsa Avila, a long time blogger, former teacher and mother to three boys. She features an interview with a play or parenting expert each week, and I am really enjoying all the  new ideas and different perspectives. I listen to Raising Playful Tots using Stitcher on my phone, but you can also subscribe through iTunes or download shows manually from the web page. Click here to find out more.

Baby Bump Pregnancy App

There are loads of pregnancy apps to choose from but what I really like about this one is the kick counter. My baby was particularly quiet from about 20 – 27 weeks, and it was very reassuring to use the kick counter to record fetal movements. When the time comes, the app also has a contraction counter (eeek!), baby name search, pregnancy journal, week by week pregnancy information, a photo journal, and a pregnancy forum. Not all of these features are available on the free version – I decided to upgrade to Pro for $2.99 purely for the kick counter. I love that the design of this app is really clean and easy to use, it’s not clunky or awkward like a lot of other apps. Available for iTunes and Android.

Have you found any new parenting resources lately? Please share!

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Apps to help feed the family

Here are some fab apps to help you feed your family every week. When will the meal planning ever end….?!

Chemical Maze

Chemical Maze

My new favourite thanks to a heads up from a friend. Chemical Maze allows you to easily enter the name or code of any food (or beauty) ingredient and find out how it impacts on your health. The results can be surprising… and alarming! I like the simple smiley face/frowny face icons, which give you an idea of what to expect at a glance. There is plenty more detail beyond that though, should you want to know all the gory details. Available for Android and Mac ($AU7.49).

Planning with Kids Meal Planning App

planning with kids

I’m a big fan of Planning with Kids and was lucky enough to not only see writer Nicole presenting at Blogopolis this year, but also had the chance to meet her in person and pick her brains a little. Nicole has created this neat app to make family meal planning a breeze. My only criticism is that it’s not available for Android. Yet. Apple lovers, get thee here ($AU0.99).

Food Planner

Food Planner

I try to stick to Australian apps when dealing with food, it makes things so much easier when looking at measurements and temperature. However I can say that the Food Planner app is so easy to use that I couldn’t overlook it on this list. My favourite function is the ability to import recipes from the web with the click of a button. You can also add recipes to your meal plan for the week, and then add any items from the recipe to your grocery list. The biggest downfall for me was the HUZZAH at seeing as a nominated site to import recipes from….. then the FAIL when every recipe I tried to import received an error message. Luckily the imports from worked just fine, and there are plenty of US sites to import from too. Available for Android (free).

If you prefer the paper and pen style of planning you can read about the tools I use here. Don’t forget to check out my Top 5 resources for meal planning.

Do you use any meal planning apps? Please tell me about them in the comments below.

Home Organisation Apps

Thanks to my lovely neighbour mentioning The Organised Housewife’s ‘20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home Challenge’ I have become an organising machine! I had lost my home organisation mojo since becoming pregnant – the nausea and tiredness was overwhelming, especially while managing to keep up with all my teaching work. That was something that just couldn’t slip… vacuuming and home errands? Well, they kind of went by the way side.

Of course, being a geek I am always looking for apps that can help me in my daily life. That’s where these helpful little numbers come in handy:

Do It Tomorrow

do it tomorrow

This is such a simple concept, but I love it! Who doesn’t indulge in a bit of procrastination occasionally? With this app you have one to-do list….  if you don’t get it done today you can just flick that job to tomorrow. Easy peasy. The best part is that the task never goes away, so you can’t get away from it for long. Give it a try yourself, it’s available free for Android and iPhone.

Chore Checklist

chore checklistWant something with a little more detail? Try out Chore Checklist. It comes preloaded with a daily, weekly and monthly routine. You can edit these as you like, and add your own routines too. Chores repeat automatically, so you’ll never forget to do those house hold jobs again! The lite version is free for Android.

Do you use apps to help keep you organised at work or home?

Pregnancy Apps

I’m now 14 weeks pregnant and I think it’s been the longest 14 weeks of my life! We knew very early, too early. I think we know too much too soon these days. We’ve had a few bumps on our pregnancy journey so far, as most people do. The road seems much smoother now, and I’m enjoying feeling much less sick and a little less tired.

Of course I have turned to technology for information and support while creating and growing this baby. The first app to lend a helping hand was My Days Period and Ovulation. It does exactly what you’d think – tracks every nook and cranny of your lady business. If you can think of it, you can record it! I found it very useful for planning this pregnancy. The biology still has to be right, but at least we gave it the best chance by lining up the dates as much as possible. My Days

Since finding out we’re pregnant I have been using a couple of pregnancy trackers – My Pregnancy Today (Baby Center) and I’m Expecting. While I’ve been much less interested in constantly reading about the ins and outs of things this time around, I have really appreciate the short, sharp and shiny information in both of these apps.


Now, if only there was an app to help me hear my baby’s heart beat whenever I want. Surely someone has invented one of those?

Have you used any conception or pregnancy apps? What are your favourites?