Halloween Activities for Kids

15 Halloween Activities for Kids

Here in Australia, Halloween has only recently started to be embraced. When I was a kid I only went trick or treating once and that was because my teachers that year happened to be really into Halloween. We had a Halloween class party and of course I needed to show that costume off to the neighbourhood.

Where I live now our property is a bit secluded from the street. I guess the kids are too freaked out to come to our door because every year I buy treats to give out and every year I end up having to eat them myself. Oh well (mwahahaha).

I know some Aussie’s are dead set against Halloween but I don’t mind it at all. It’s a bit of fun. Here’s some fab Halloween activities for kids thanks to the Kids Co-Op.

15 Halloween Activities for Kids

  1. Countdown to Halloween Ghost Chart (Edventures with Kids)
  2. DIY Paper Mache Trick or Treat Bucket (You Are the Roots)
  3. Monster Play Ideas (Octavia and Vicky)
  4. Cute and Creepy Mummy Garland (Edventures with Kids)
  5. An Invitation to Make Monsters (Multicrafting Mummy)
  6. Online Halloween Games for Kids (Octavia and Vicky)
  7. Halloween Cupcakes (B-Inspired Mama)
  8. Halloween Lacing Cards (Tot Schooling)
  9. Glow in the Dark Lanterns (Nuturestore)
  10. Printable Googley Eyes Monsters (Tot Schooling)
  11. Toilet Paper Roll Ghosts (Dabbling Mama)
  12. Spider Snacks (Octavia and Vicky)
  13. Halloween Clothespin Pattern Sticks (Lalymom)
  14. Fuzzy Wuzzy Pom Pom Monsters (Our Little House in the Country)
  15. Cardboard Box Monsters (Our Little House in the Country)

Do you do Halloween in your country? Where are you from?

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30 Ways to Play and Learn with Shadows

Play and Learn with Shadows {via Octavia and Vicky}

Rocky (18 months) loves to play with his shadow. It’s his latest obsession. He will chase it across the lawn or along the wall and walk slowly backwards and spin in circles, trying to figure out how that patch of darkness keeps following him. It’s highly entertaining – who needs TV?  Are you ready to watch some super cuteness (ok, I may be biased…)? Here’s a little pyjama clad Rocky chasing his shadow before bed time.

I know! Right? Too cute! This interest in shadows inspired me to hunt for more ways to play and learn with shadows. I’ve collected the best shadow ideas that the internet has to offer and rounded them up into this one spot. Your one stop shadow play spot! What are you waiting for? Get in there and play.

30 Ways to Play and Learn with Shadows

Silhouette and shadow play (Just for Daisy)

Halloween shadow puppets with free printable (One Perfect Day)

Capturing shadows with charcoal (My Little Bookcase)

Sea creatures shadow theatre (Montessori Nature)

Shadow drawings (Creative Play Central)

Create your own shadow puppets (Creative Play Central)

Build your own puppet theatre (Inner Child Fun)

Explore reflections and shadows using old CDs (Mid Pacific Institute)

More free printable Halloween puppets (Chez Beeper Bebe)

Drawing and writing with shadow and light (Teach Preschool)

Cereal box shadow theatre (Minieco)

Create and play with a shadow screen (Reggio Kids)

Building and tracing shadows (How We Learn)

Take your shadow for a walk (Childhood 101)

Investigate shadows and light: are shadows always black? (Reggio Kids)

Moving shadows (Reggio Kids)

Make coloured shadows at home (Octavia and Vicky)

Explore light and shadow with an overhead projector (Racheous Loveable Learning)

Literacy and maths play using shadows (Racheous Loveable Learning)

Shadow bath play (The Outlaw Mom)

How to create coloured shadows (Inner Child Learning)

How do shadows change? (The Pleasantest Thing)

Create a puzzle using shadows (Kids Activities Blog)

Make a shadow sundial (Create with Your Hands)

Make a shadow book (Small Types)

Step-by-step sundial instructions (How Stuff Works)

Interactive online game for playing with shadows (Science Kids NZ)

More shadow puppet ideas (Where Imagination Grows)

Chalk shadows on a trampoline (Learning to Play and Playing to Learn)

Make your own over head project for light play (Instructables)

Do your children like to play with shadows?

15 of the Coolest Science Ideas for Kids

15 of the Coolest Science Ideas for Kids

Pebble is still a keen little experimenter, often an experiment is the first thing she suggests doing each day (well, maybe second, after painting). Rocky has gotten in on the act too, playing with all things that roll. I found some fab science ideas in The Weekly Kids Co-Op last week, we’ll be putting them on our ‘to do’ list.

Learn all about birds with You Clever Monkey

Go to an awesome science fair from Planet Smarty Pants

Enjoy some coloured ice play with Excite and Explore

Finding out how bubbles work with Left Brain Craft Brain

Investigate states of matter using candle wax with Gift of Curiosity

Grow veggies with kids with Outdoors in London

Make pepper runaway with P is for Preschooler

Choose one of these simple science favourites over at Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails

Experiment with shaving cream over at Preschool Powol Packets

Play with vinegar and baking soda over at Mom, Teach Me to Read

And here are a few fun science ideas that we’ve enjoyed before, you might have missed them:
Rainbow Coloured Roses
Make your own wizard's brewDIY Science Kit
Simple science with kids - things that roll
I wonder what cool ideas we’ll find in this week’s Kids Co-Op?

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Play doesn’t have to be complicated

Play doesn't have to be complicated {Octavia and Vicky}


I love Pinterest. I can get swept up in all the amazing, inspiring play ideas that I find there. But more often than not, in reality, we enjoy simple play around here. Like playing with bubbles in the kitchen sink. Play doesn’t have to be complicated.

In The Weekly Kids Co-Op you’ll find play ideas of all kinds, art and craft too, for kids of all ages, all abilities. Dive in and find something to play today.

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40 Cool Ways to Paint with Kids

40 Cool Ways to Paint with Kids {via Octavia and Vicky}

“Muuuuuuum, can we paaaaaaaiinnnnnnt?”

I think Pebble asks to paint almost every. single. day. And I say yes {almost} every. single. day.

To be honest, I rely pretty heavily on the good old water colours – so easy to set up and clean up – but we can never have enough painting ideas. Here are forty cool ideas that I found in The Weekly Kids Co-Op last week and around the wonderful web.

40 Cool Ways to Paint with Kids

Cool Ways to Paint with Kids

1. Window painting handwriting practice (Coffee Cups and Crayons)
2. Paint Stamping Bugs and Butterflies (The Craft Train)
3. Bubble Prints (Octavia and Vicky)
4. Ocean scenes using chalk and tempura (Buggy and Buddy)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids5. Painted Clay Butterfly Craft (Home Grown Friends)
6. Lego Painting (Octavia and Vicky)
7. Drop! Splat! Playful preschool art with watercolours (Fun-A-Day!)
8. Marbled Fish Craft (Fantastic Fun and Learning)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids9. Spring Blossom Tree (3 Dinosaurs)
10. Making Ochre Paint from Rocks (The Craft Train)
11. DIY Striped Frames (Octavia and Vicky)
12. Frozen “Paintsicles” (Learn with Play at Home)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids13. Cardboard Comb Painting (Learn with Play at Home)
14. Homemade Edible Finger Paint (The Imagination Tree)
15. Glossy Skittles Paint (Mama. Papa. Bubba)
16. Puffy Paint (One Perfect Day)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids17.  Rock Wall Paintings (Creative Play Central)
18. Truck Painting Track (Paging Fun Mums)
19. Painting Patterns Using Nature (Wildlife Fun 4 Kids)
20. Finger Painting with added extras! (Picklebums)

Cool Ways to Paint with Kids21. Autumn Bloom Tree Water Colour Painting (Be a Fun Mum)
22. Blow Painting (One Perfect Day)
23. DIY Chalk Paint (You Clever Monkey)
24. Ice Painting Fun (Childhood 101)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids
25. Magic Paintings (An Everyday Story)
26. Paper Plate Stencils (A Little Learning for Two)
27. Painting with Shapes (At Home with Ali)
28. Rain Painting (Housing a Forest)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids29. Watercolour resist with candles (Just for Daisy)
30. Homemade Spice Paint (NurtureStore)
31. Homemade Glitter Paint (Mama.Papa.Bubba)
32. Making Glue Paint (Teach Preschool)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids33. Cotton Swab Painting(Lessons Learnt Journal)
34. Eco Paint Recipe (Down to Earth Mother)
35. DIY Bath Paint (Learning 4 Kids)
36. Bubble Wrap Roller Painting (Mummy Musings and Mayhem)
Cool Ways to Paint with Kids
37. Painting with Mud (My Little Bookcase)
38. Toilet Brush Painting (Paint on the Ceiling)
39. Tube Painting (Playing and Learning Begins at Home)
40. Painting With and On Sticks (DanyaBanya)

… and sneaking in a couple of extras that I found at the last minute, how could I resist sharing them with you?…
Working with Paint (Racheous) – check out her Transform Your Play series too
Baby Safe Painting with Yoghurt (Adventures at Home with Mum) – Rocky would LOVE this!

Want more fun ideas for kids? Just download your copy of the Three to Five Playful Preschool ebook. Watch the 30 second video and buy your copy now or find out more.

Three to Five Playful Preschool ebook - 25+ Playful Preschool Activities

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