Masking tape city

I bought some masking tape with a crafty painting project in mind, but over this weekend Pebble has still been quite flat, and painting seemed all too hard. Instead I set up a simple road in the middle of the lounge room and waited to see how Pebble would like to play.

“Let’s build a city!” she said. So we did.

Masking Tape City

First Pebble wanted a park at the end of the road, so we set up the little Ferris wheel and roller coaster that I picked up with a bag of other toys from the op shop ($5!). With the park set up it was time to get some buildings organised. Pebble directed me to build with the stacking blocks while she set up the building blocks. Then she got out the cars, the train track and a blue blanket for a swimming pool.


While I had imagined lengthy, intricate play scenarios with this fabulous city, instead Pebble felt that it obviously needed a cubby. Sure, why not?! Then she preferred to look at her city from her cosy cubby, rather than play with it, and of course it couldn’t be touched for the rest of the day. My goodness, no!


At bed time I explained that we’d need to pack it away, but that we could build a new city again in the morning. She gave it some thought and decided that might be a good idea. Perhaps she’ll be a city planner one day. I know she’ll definitely be a good negotiator (or perhaps dictator?).

How have you played today?