17 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

17 Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is coming up for us Aussie mums on the second Sunday in May. We don’t really have any Mother’s Day traditions for our little family yet. My first Mother’s Day my hubby woke up with a hangover, hopefully that won’t become a tradition! It’s not as bad as it sounds, he really doesn’t have hangovers very often at all. There must have been some special occasion the night before. Of course I don’t remember that bit!

Last year I walked the Mother’s Day Classic with my Mother in Law, Sister in Law, two nieces and our two kids. It was….. memorable. Baby Rocky needed to stop for feeds, Pebble needed to stop for a toilet break and long story short we came very, very, very last out of thousands of people. Even after taking a shortcut because we were SO slow that the organisers had removed the signs to say which way to walk! I swore then that I would not take my kids again the next year and it would feel strange not being with my kids on Mother’s Day, so no fun run for me this year. Perhaps I’ll do the City to Bay in September…

One thing that we always do leading up to the day is some Mother’s Day craft for Pebble’s two Nana’s and Grandma. It might be a card or a gift or both, but it’s something fun and Pebble is a huge fan of ‘making’. I’m looking forward to inviting Rocky to join us this year. We’ll see how that goes! I spotted some cute ideas in the Kids Co-Op last week and have put them together with some more of my favourite ideas. I also have a Mother’s Day Pinterest Board, you can go and get lots of ideas there too.

17 Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

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What are your plans for Mother’s Day? 

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Monster Play Ideas

Monster Play Ideas

It’s almost Halloween! We haven’t really started any Halloween traditions as a family but I’ve been enjoying watching my overseas friends as they embrace it. The Kids Co Op was full of ghoulish ideas last week and these monsters caught my eye.

Featured Monsters!

Triple T Mum shared her amazing monster party, including this Pin the Eye on the monster game:

Seven Ways to Play with MonstersThe Measured Mom shared free printable monster maths games

Seven Ways to Play with Monsters

Two-Daloo shared these cute hungry monster colour sorters

Seven Ways to Play with MonstersHere are three more ways to play with monsters:

Make a woolly monster (Laughing Kids Learn)

Seven Ways to Play with Monsters

Paint with monster hands (Housing a Forest)

Seven Ways to Play with Monsters

Make monster puppets (Picklebums)

Seven Ways to Play with Monsters


You can also play these fun online Halloween games (and see me dressed up for Halloween).

Now it’s time for The Kids Co Op!

10 Frugal Play Ideas for Kids

Ten Frugal Play Ideas for Kids

Once again there were so many awesome ideas linked up to The Kids Co Op last week. One thing that stood out for me was how many play ideas are cheap and easy to do with kids. Here are a few of my favourites:

10 Frugal Play Ideas for Kids

DIY Tugging Box – Laughing Kids Learn

Balloon Puppies – The Craft Train

Construction Site Sensory Play – Craftulate

Home Made Chalky Paint Sensory Play – Laughing Kids Learn

Kid Made Cards – Learn with Play at Home

Loose Parts Play – Octavia and Vicky

Exploring Painting Tools – Lessons Learnt Journal

Puzzle, Ice and Rice Sensory Play – Toddly Mummy

Literacy and Play Dough – An Idea on Tuesday

Markers and Mirrors – Munchkins & Moms

Play Ideas for a Tired Mama

Play Ideas for a Tired Mama

Play Ideas for a Tired Mama
We’ve been keeping things simple around here lately. Rocky is teething, I’m super tired, and Pebble… well, she’s still three and still FULL of energy. Here are some ideas for simple play that you can try with your kids, even when you’re super tired.

Play Ideas for a Tired Mama

Play with water

This simple water play was set up using a bubble gun, some bottle tops in a container of soapy water and two buckets ready for filling and pouring. I didn’t expect this to end up where it did – nudie runs around the back yard! Perhaps it’s cooler weather where you are? You could try making rainbow puddles or some fun bath play. Water play can be set up in minutes – all you need is a tap, bath or hose. No fancy stuff.

play with water

Get outside

Go for a walk, visit the park, play in your back yard. Or try one of these outdoor play ideas. We are very lucky to have this big space right across the road from our house. Sunshine will boost your mood too, no matter how tired you are.

get outside

Walk on the beach

I know I said that I hate the beach – I hate swimming in the sea. I do love walking and playing on the beach. It can feel like a big effort to get the kids into the car, but once you’re there you will feel so relaxed. The kids can put their toes in the sand, make natural sculptures from shells, seaweed and other treasures, and splash about in the shallows. We have a lovely beach just 20 minutes from our house. If you don’t live near the sea try finding a local river or lake to visit instead.

walk on the beach

Play pretend animals

Put on some dress ups, play charades, make some animals from recycled bits and pieces or just use your imagination. No equipment needed, no time required to set up, just start barking like a dog and see what happens (you’re already feeling barking mad from lack of sleep, right?).

Aussie Animals Charades - children learn about Aussie Animals with this role playing game

Build a house for the toys

Pebble and I made this house using old nappy boxes. It’s nice to be able to put them to good use. If you don’t have any large boxes at home try asking at your local supermarket. They often have a big collection of boxes that would love to be turned into something creative. If you’re looking for some inspiration for making creative structures with cardboard, take a look at this Cardboard City over at Paint on the Ceiling. I love this idea because you can apply it to whatever bits and pieces you have at home – even if it’s just the box from the chocolate chip cookies you opened for breakfast.

build a house for the toys

Or try one of these cool ideas from the The Kids Co-Op

(ideas will magically appear after 1:30pm Adelaide time on Thursday, 26 September!)