10 FREE Alphabet Games for Kids

Alphabet Games for Kids

Here are ten fun places for kids to practice their alphabet online

Starfall – listen to each letter name and sound, look at upper case and lower case letters and sing the alphabet song, plus lots of other games.

The Bee Game – help the bee find each letter of the alphabet in order and take it back to his hive.

Find the Missing Letter – find the missing letter in a row of three letters in alphabetical order. Handy alphabet on display helps littlies.

Learning Planet – Alphabetical Order – choose which letter comes next in a string of three letters.

Boowakwala Alphabet Game – choose the correct letter from a set of four choices.

Alphabet Antics – help the monkey catch the letter coconuts before they fall to the ground – choose from easy, medium or hard.

Haunted Alphabet – one of my favourites – find the hidden letters in the spooky picture.

Alphabet Bingo – An alphabet bingo game. Choose from Easy, Medium or Hard.

Alphabet Doors – Click on the door to see each letter, a word beginning with that letter and a matching picture.

Alphabet Matching Game – An alphabet memory game. Choose from 6, 8 or 12 cards.

Have you found any awesome alphabet games online? Please share them in the comments below, thanks ever so.