Gardening with Kids

The $2 gardening gloves, ripped after one use. Imagine that!

Happy Easter Sunday! Ah, a long weekend. It has given us the time and motivation to get started on a few jobs around the place. Our front garden beds were actually weed beds so that seemed like a good place to start.

Now, let me be clear. The last time I did ANY work in the garden was a random weed pulling exercise in the back yard about 6 months ago. And before that? When I was about seven months pregnant with Pebble…. that’s two years ago.

So, why did I get a sudden urge to garden? Maybe it’s because Pebble is at the age where she can join in or play while we work. Maybe it’s because we’re expecting guests and I want the place to look tidy. Maybe it’s because I want blog content. Whatever the reason, we all got our gardening gloves on and went out for a morning of digging.

Pebble joined in quite happily for about half an hour. Quite impressive for a two year old! Then she assumed a supervisory role, sitting on the front step and calling out “KEEP GOING!”, “DON’T STOP”, followed by a few rounds of B-I-N-G-O, Baby Crocodile and the ABC song to keep us motivated.

I enjoyed pulling up the big suckers that had roots from here to China. It gave me the same kind of satisfaction as plucking a particularly stubborn ingrown hair, you know? I got fed up near the end of the last bed though, probably about the same time that I came across a large hole in the ground that Paul said was probably “from a spider”. WTF?! Yeah, I was done. (I just did a Google Image search on “spiders holes ground”. Don’t click that link. Seriously).

All in all it was quite a successful family experience, I might even repeat it again sometime. Maybe.

Pebble getting stuck in to the weedingDaddy Daughter Bonding Our site manager and entertainer

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Grateful: Holidays


Easter is here, which means a four day break for most people – everybody say YEAH! More than that, for me and lots of other teachers and parents it means school holidays! I’m SO grateful for school holidays. At the end of each term I’m shattered and the children are exhausted and we’re all starting to go loopy-loo. We need the break.

My big plans for the holidays are …. doing some big jobs around the house that seem a little impossible when work is on; playing and playing and playing with Pebble because I have a little less work to do; taking a step back from teaching and getting some big picture planning done with my co-teacher; playing with this here little bloggity blog; seeing friends, family, maybe a day trip or two to the city, or the beach… and that’ll about do it for two weeks, ya think?

What are you grateful for this week? Share it with Maxabella or share it with a comment. I’m always grateful for those too. Nom nom, comments, mmmmmm.


Home Planning


I like to be organised. But at the same time I often find myself chaotically disorganised. Does that make sense? I guess liking to be organised doesn’t always translate into action. Like many other peeps out there I’m juggling, balancing, trying to get this mothering gig to mesh with this working gig. Some weeks I kick arse, and some weeks I am drowning in stuff. I find it helps to arrange the stuff into some kind of order, to keep the drowning to a minimum. Here’s a couple of things I do. I hope they help keep your head above water too.

Meal planning


Every Sunday or Monday I quickly take stock of the food stuffs in the house and make a meal plan for the week. On the days that I don’t work I generally batch cook fresh meals (I look forward to sharing those with you all soon), and on the days that I work we scoff down a pre-prepared home cooked meal from the freezer. The weekends are often busy with socialising, so we go with the flow. My favourite plan for a Sunday is “Fridge Raid!”. As simple as that.

I got my menu planner from Olliebird. Want some other ideas for meal planning printables? Deb at Home Life Simplified has an awesome breakdown of some online goodies. Love that woman.

Calendar Planning


I have previously shared my love of techy stuff, but what you don’t know yet is that I love stationary. Who doesn’t?! Especially those of us teacher folk. Kikki K is a shop close to my stationary-loving heart. A birthday voucher last year resulting in a big WIN when I finally bought one of these weekly planning pads (Thanks Kel! x).

I use Google calendar on my lap top and my Android phone to keep track on things on the go, but sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned paper. I love crossing things off my to do list, quickly adding things to a shopping list as I run out of them and having my week mapped out at a glance.

You can buy your own Kikki K weekly planner pad for just $9.95.

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored for this post. I just loves me some stationary. Kikki K can feel free to thank me however they like. #wishfulthinking

Grateful: Blogging


I’ve always been a writer. If I haven’t been writing on paper or on a keyboard then I’m writing in my head. Constantly. I have written blogs in the past, but nothing with any real direction. This little project is something that has been brewing for a long time. I’ve had a big break from blogging. I really missed it. I didn’t think I’d ever blog again.

But then you know what? I read this post from one of my favourite bloggers and I just thought “THAT’S IT! I’m gonna blog! For me. Right now.” And I did.

I feel like I’ve pulled my favourite fleecy jumper out of the cupboard and am snuggling up by the fire, settling in for a good story. Sure, I have dry, tired eyes from staring at my screen far too long in an effort to understand WordPress (WTF was I thinking leaving Blogger!?). But it’s all good fun, a learning journey.

Today, I’m grateful for blogging.

Another fabulous blogger has been helping others keep in touch with gratitude for quite some time now. Pop on over to see what others have to share.