Winter School Holiday Fun

Here’s a few snaps from our day in the winter sunshine today. I was planning a stay at home and chill out day but I just couldn’t resist this Mud Play invitation! Thank goodness we had these guys to keep the kids dry! Then we stopped by a nearby playground afterwards. I can highly recommend Princess Elizabeth playground on South Terrace, it was awesome and our first visit. I’ve driven past it many times and always meant to stop by for a play. Today was the day.

p.s. Rocky didn’t want to know about the mud! He just kept saying “no! dardy! {dirty}”.

 Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun  Winter School Holiday Fun

What have you been up to this school holidays?

If you’re looking for fun stuff to do in Adelaide check out these links:

How to Cope with the Flu

What Channel is the Netflix?(image source)

Disclaimer: Let me say, straight up, that Netflix have been extremely kind to me. They’ve invited me to be a part of their Stream Team (yeah, baby!), which includes a 12 month Netflix subscription, a mini iPad with a cute squishy cover and my very own Netflix mug. I am not obliged to nor do I get paid to write about Netflix. If and when I do write about Netflix, all opinions are my own. 

The reason I said ‘yes’ when Netflix called (aside from it being completely awesome) is because I was already a Netflix convert. I already knew that I loved them and it wouldn’t be hard for me to share this love with you guys. This all came in very handy recently when I had the worst sickness I’ve had in years. The flu, it hit me hard! The proper flu. It really, really sucks. However! I got to binge on all my favourite shows, old a new. Here’s a few that you might enjoy too (warning, some trailers are not appropriate for kids).

Edge of Your Seat Thrills and Drama

Orange Is the New Black – Seasons 1 – 3

Ruby Rose makes an awesome addition to the Season 3 cast.

House of Cards – Seasons 1 – 3

Kevin Spacey is truly disturbing in this political thriller.

The Fall – Seasons 1 and 2

Gillian Anderson is stunning as Superintendent Stella Gibson in this can’t-look-away murder mystery.

Just for Laughs

Jim Jeffries “Alcoholocaust” comedy special

An Aussie comedian in America, he gives good LOLs.

Shameless Seasons 1 – 4

Let the Gallagher’s make you feel good about your own life!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

The cops of the 99 Precinct will get you laughing. Total ‘junk food’ TV.

For the Kids

While I was laid out flat on the couch it sure did help that we could watch Netflix on our TV, iPad and mobile phone. It helped keep the kids occupied while I recovered. Rocky loves Zack and Quack, Phineas and Ferb and Curious George. Pebble loves it all but this week she is enjoying Johnny Test, Dennis the Menace and Space Chimps.

Not to mention Dragons: Race to the Edge launches this week. We’re all looking forward to watching this one. Is anyone else glad to have kids just so they have an excuse to watch cool kids movies and shows? No? Just me? Ok, then.

Did you get hit by the flu this winter? Do you have Netflix? Why not!!!?? 

Dance for Finlay

hepatoblastoma #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay

In February 2015, my dear blogging friend Katey had the life changing news that her beautiful 18 month old boy Finlay had stage 4 hepatoblastoma. Finlay has been courageously fighting this terrible cancer ever since with his amazing family always by his side. He is expected to have surgery today, having flown across the country from his home in Perth to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney.

hepatoblastoma #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay (Find out more about the Kids Cancer Project)

In keeping with Ellen Degeneres’ #justkeepdancing project, we’re asking you to please send your most positive love, prayers and well wishes for dear Finlay. You can do this by sharing a video of yourself, your kids, your cats or your dogs, whoever! As long as there’s dancing involved. Don’t forget to add the hashtags #justkeepdancing #friendsoffinlay to share the love. Katey and Finlay will get so much love from seeing your dancing videos.

I’m sharing this video of Rocky, who’s about the same age as Finlay, dancing his little butt off at his Nana and Grandad’s house recently. Looking at his rosy cheeks and chubby little belly I feel so blessed to have a child in good health.

You can follow Finlay’s journey on the Facebook page. Please also consider joining us in donating to Finlay’s family and further cancer research.

Thank you for your support.

Stop asking your kids “How was school today?”

Stop Asking "How was school today?"

So often I hear parents complain that their kids won’t tell them what goes on at school all day. They ask “How was school today?” and they get back:


“I don’t know”

“What’s for dinner?”

I get it, I’ve fallen into that trap too! To get the most out of your chats with kids, here’s a few tips to follow

  • Pick your time wisely

Are they completely exhausted after school? Do they need some food shoved in their gob before you start with 20 questions? Are they a screen zombie? Or are they happy and chatty and ready to talk? I find chatting to Pebble when she’s doing something else, like eating a snack or drawing a picture (not watching TV!) is a good time. She’s happy and settled, and the chat is just that, chat. She’s not being interviewed or under pressure.

  • Ask open ended questions

If your question can be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ then it’s dead in the water before you’ve even begun. Try some of the conversation starters below.

  • Focus on the positive

Think about the kid you’re talking to and what their big worries are – and avoid them! If you know your child has anxiety about friends or who to play with or struggles with learning, then steer clear of those minefields at first, to avoid them clamming up. Once you get them talking then they might choose to open up about the things that they struggle with. Definitely make time to talk about their worries too, but it’s important that kids (and adults!) reflect on their day and remember the good stuff. It’s all too easy to focus on what went wrong.

  • Give them time. Lots of time. 

Sometimes we ask a child a question, then before they’ve had a chance to answer we butt in with another question. It can seem like they’re not going to answer so we try to keep the conversation going. But young children need time to think and form a response. Try counting to ten in your head after asking a question to allow plenty of time for them to answer.

Try these questions:

  • What the best part of your day?
  • What made you laugh today?
  • If you got to be the teacher tomorrow, what would you do?
  • How were you caring to your friends today? How were your friends caring to you?
  • Did you hear or read a story today? What was your favourite part of the story?
  • What made you feel happiest today?
  • What are you looking forward to at school tomorrow?
  • Did you learn any new games today? Can you teach them to me?
  • Who would you like to play with that you’ve never played with before?
  • Where do you play the most at recess and lunch time?
  • Who is the funniest person in your class? What do they do that’s funny?

p.s. this advice applies to kids aged 4-8 ish… cos that’s my jam! If you want to have a good convo with a teenager you’ve come to the wrong place for advice. Get back to me in about ten years.

How do you talk to your kids about their day? Got any tips for me?

Shoe Tying 101

Save a Teacher's Sanity -  Teach Your Children to Tie Their Shoelaces

Hey there! I’ve missed you guys! I wanted to pop in and share what I’m learning about tying shoes laces. Who’d have thought there’d be so much to say, right? All I know is I have a class of 23 kids, many of whom are struggling with their laces (or asking me to struggle with them!). It’s driving me C R A Z Y!!!! Continue reading “Shoe Tying 101”