Eight Easter Activities and the Weekly Kids Co-Op

I’m very lucky to have a helping hand from some awesome blogging friends while Paul, Pebble and I settle in with little Rockster. Today Kelly from Happy Whimsical Hearts is sharing some fun Easter activities. Don’t forget to scroll right to the bottom of the post to link up and browse through the Weekly Kids Co-Op for more fun ideas for kids.


 Easter is just round the corner!

And here are some super fun ideas for celebrating *smile*

Classic egg painting…
this time using wet crepe paper
Decorate your house with easy Easter Bunting
{a great activity for a craftmergency *wink*}
Think tradition games like an egg and spoon race…
and some new ideas like the Bunny Hop!
Prepare for an egg hunt by making an adorable Easter Bunny Egg Basket
{how sweet is this egg basket!}
And then enjoy an Egg Hunt of a different kind…
using a treasure map, picture cards or clues!
thanks to Childhood 101
Decorate paper eggs with toddlers using glitter glue, stickers, crayons or paint
thanks to Danya Banya
Make an eggshell mosaic for a wonderful sensory experience
thanks to Childhood 101 
 And after all the chocolate is eaten
Happy Easter!

Kelly is an Australian mum to Dino Boy (4) and Little Miss Q (1).
Kelly aims to fill their childhood with magic, through imaginative play, homemade toys, the great outdoors (or their backyard!) as well as crafts and baking.
You can read more about their Waldorf inspired days at Happy Whimsical Hearts, or find them on Facebook and Pinterest

St Patrick’s Day Fun

St Patrick's Day Playdate from B-InspiredMama.com and Octavia & Vicky

I’m very lucky to have a helping hand from some awesome blogging friends while Paul, Pebble and I prepare to welcome the newest member of our family. Today Krissy from B-Inspired Mama is sharing her fun St Patrick’s Day ideas.


Hey y’all – I’m Krissy. I’m thrilled to be here sharing some B-Inspired Mama love with you while Kylie is busy being the super mama that she is. If you haven’t visited me at B-Inspired Mama, it’s a welcoming place for moms to share and find inspiration for kids crafts, easy recipes, learning fun, and creative parenting. I thought I’d bundle up some of our St. Patrick’s Day fun from last year to bring you the perfect plan for a St. Patrick’s Day Playdate. Here’s everything you need to get planning…

A St. Patrick’s Day Playdate for Kids





I hope you can use some of these simple ideas for some St. Patrick’s Day fun. I know my little ones and I sure loved every one of them. Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids? Are you planning a St. Patrick’s Day party or playdate? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

B-Inspired MamaKrissy is a former art teacher turned mama on 3. B-Inspired Mama allows her to connect with other moms while sharing inspiration for kids crafts, recipes, learning ideas, and creative parenting. Follow along with her by subscribing to B-Inspired Weekly and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Advent Calendars You Can Make Tomorrow!

I only have three more days to get organised, but I really, really want to make a Christmas advent calendar this year. I blame a chat today with my neighbour for reminding me of this burning desire. Thanks Katrina! At this late stage I am looking for quick and easy ideas. I’d love to fill our advent calendar with ideas for family experiences, rather than little trinkets or sweets. Which is doubly awesome because I won’t need to go and buy said trinkets and sweets! I’ll get back to you on how that plan works out. Here are some of my favourite ideas for advent calendars that you can whip up in a jiffy.

Advent Calendars You Can Make Tomorrow!

{Pink Pistachio}

{All Things Beautiful}

{Mr Printables}

{Little Lucy Lu}

{My Little Bookcase}

Do you use an advent calendar? Tell me about it, please!

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