Christmas Tree Card

Easy Peasy Kid Made Christmas Tree Cards {Octavia and Vicky}

Easy Peasy Kid Made Christmas Tree Cards {Octavia and Vicky}

Do you need a super quick and easy homemade Christmas card to give? Or something to keep the kiddos quiet for a few minutes? Let’s be honest, you probably just need a good lie down before CHRISTMAS is here tomorrow. But I can’t resist sharing these cute cards we made for Pebble’s teachers this year.

Easy Peasy Kid Made Christmas Tree Cards {Octavia and Vicky}

Tree Christmas Card

You will need:

  • Green card
  • A4 Red card
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Star sequins

Prepare these bits before giving to little fingers:

  • Fold and cut the A4 card in half.
  • Fold each half to make two small red cards.
  • Cut out two triangles from the green card – did this without measuring or ruling, just cutting free hand, but you could draw the trees first if you prefer.

Now hand over to the kids:

  • Stick the tree to the front of the card.
  • Stick the star sequins on the tree.


  • older children can fold and cut their own cards and trees.
  • if you don’t have star sequins you could use glitter, empty the back of your hole punch and use up the little round coloured bits of paper, or children can draw on their own decorations.

As you can see, Pebble was quite enthusiastic with her use of stars :)

Easy Peasy Kid Made Christmas Tree Cards {Octavia and Vicky}

Did you make your own cards this year?

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

We decided to skip the real Christmas tree this year. Rocky is a little explorer and likes to pull, push, climb, bash and chew everything. Pine needles and Christmas ornaments probably aren’t very baby friendly! I had seen a few felt Christmas trees for sale around the place but thought we could whip up a simple version ourselves at home.

As I’ve said before, I’m really not a crafter. I like setting up crafty activities for kids, but adult craft is not my thing. So I kept the plans for this Christmas tree very, very simple. One green felt triangle, lots of round felt Christmas baubles in bright colours, a felt Christmas star – DONE! Here’s how we did it:

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DIY Felt Christmas Tree

You will need:

  • 1 large piece of green felt (approx 1 x 1.5 metres (3’4″ x 4’9″) – or to the size of the space you’d like to fill
  • 5 sheets of felt in different colours (or more if you want more baubles)
  • 1 sheet white felt
  • 1 star template (I printed one from here)
  • 1 small drinking cup (or small circle to trace around)
  • 1 marker
  • scissors
  • 3- 5 damage free adhesive hooks or restickable tabs

Note: you can buy felt off the roll and individual sheets of felt at your local craft store. Adhesive hooks and restickable tabs are available from most supermarkets.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

To make the felt Christmas tree:

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Instructions - 1.	Fold felt in half so that the long sides meet.  2. Draw a line from the top left corner of the folded felt to the bottom right corner.  3. Cut along the line to create a triangle tree shape.

To stick the tree to the wall:

  • snip one small hole, about the same size as the point of your hooks, in each corner of the triangle.
  • thread one hook through the top corner of the tree and stick the hook to the wall in your designated ‘tree spot’. Make sure you follow the directions on the packet for your hooks.
  • now that you have the top corner secured, pull each bottom corner so that the tree is flat against the wall and secure to the wall using the remaining hooks.
  • I used a couple of restickable tabs along the length of the tree to keep it snug against the wall. You could also use more hooks.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree DIY Felt Christmas Tree

To make the felt Christmas baubles:

  • Trace circle shapes onto the felt sheets and cut them out. Children who are capable with scissors can help with this part. Cut out lots of different colours to make your tree look gorgeous! You don’t need anything to stick the baubles to the tree – the genius of felt is that it sticks to itself!

To make the felt star:

  • Trace the star shape onto white felt and cut it out. Press the white star onto the top of the tree (felt sticks to itself). Optional: We also made a slightly larger red star to make the white star stand out on our white wall. You could also make an angel, if you prefer :)

I think we’ll all enjoy playing with this felt Christmas tree for many years to come.

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Tell me about your tree this year – is it real? Fake? Alternative?

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Christmas Survival Kit

Christmas Survival Kit

Christmas Survival Kit

I’m limping along through the Christmas season this year. We still don’t have a tree (I’m working on a baby friendly option for that), I haven’t started my Christmas shopping (ok, I bought two presents), we have enjoyed just two Christmas crafts so far (gasp!) and one Christmas cooking effort.

Perhaps it’s because I’m {always and forever} severely sleep deprived, or because it’s the first Christmas since Ryan died, but I’m kinda in struggle town, to be honest. So I thought I’d look back over the Octavia and Vicky archives for some Christmas cheer and inspiration. And look at this! I was FULL of Christmas spirit last year :) Here are some fun things to play, make, eat and share over the Christmas season – a little survival kit for you and me. Enjoy x

Christmas Survival Kit

Simple Christmas Wrapping

Cool things to make and do

Christmas Gloop

Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree Gift Tags

Christmas Lantern Wreaths

Laminated Christmas Baubles

Recycled Christmas Card Display (great for an advent calendar)

Advent Calendars you can make tomorrow

Christmas Gloop

Yummy stuff to cook

Christmas Tree Mini Pizzas

Cheesy Christmas Stars

Christmas Crunchies


Party pleasing treats

12 Super Awesome Cake Recipes

Pizza Dip

Bumble Bee Treats

Best Ever Potato Salad

Watermelon, Haloumi and Mint Salad


Homemade gifts

Cocoa mix (free printable labels)

Jingle Jangle Socks for Babies

Coconut Ice

homemade coconut ice

Christmas Tips and Tricks

Christmas Eve traditions

Christmas shopping tips

Wrapping paper ideas

Christmas Quiet Time

50+ Christmas games for kids

How are you surviving this Christmas?

Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations

Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations

Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations

Recently we made these pretty Christmas baubles using sharpies, a laminator and this free printable. We had some templates left over and a lovely box of bright crayons to use, so we decided to experiment with them. This is how we ended up with Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations!

Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations

You will need:

Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations Melted Crayon Christmas Decorations

To make the decorations:

  1. Print and cut out the printable Christmas decorations (including cutting out the centre circle). Older children can do this on their own, younger children will need help.
  2. Dab a little bit of glue on the back of each Christmas bauble and stick it inside an open laminating sheet. The glue is optional – it just helps to keep the templates in place while you are working on them.
  3. Use the grater to create small flakes of crayon.
  4. Sprinkle a small amount of crayon inside each bauble template. Be careful not to over fill as the crayon may leak out into the laminator (see the template filled with pink, purple and orange on the bottom right of the photo above? That’s too much crayon… I speak from experience – eeek!).
  5. Close and laminate the sheet then cut out each bauble.
  6. Punch a hole in top of each bauble and thread with the ribbon

These Melted Christmas Christmas Decorations can also be used to make cute gift tags for family and friends.

Why not try making these cute Christmas Baubles too?

Kid-made Christmas Baubles {guest post from Octavia and Vicky}

Which Christmas traditions have you been enjoying this festive season?

*Thanks to Micador for sending us a free set of oil pastels to try out. I was not paid to write about Micador products.

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Simple Christmas Wrapping

Hello there! Are you ready for Christmas? Only THREE more sleeps! Christmas is keeping me on my toes, that’s for sure. I started and finished my Christmas shopping all in one day this week. That’s five hours of Christmas shopping – five hours of waddling my big, round pregnant belly up and down the length of mall. Thank goodness I was child free. Can you even imagine? I’m getting a little bit excited now, I can’t wait for Christmas morning when I see Pebble’s delight and surprise.

I am halfway through wrapping the presents. Oh! The wrapping! Every year I forget how long it takes to wrap. We buy for lots of niecephews and children of friends, plus quite a few adults. This year I decided to wrap simply with some brown paper, picked up from the local supermarket, and red and white twine from Kikki K.

We made these super cute and easy gift tags for some of the early gifts that we’ve already given out, but for the MASSIVE pile of gifts yet to be given we are using foam stampers directly on the paper to give an extra bit of Christmas cheer. Pebble has been helping me use Christmas foam stampers (bought from a $2 shop some years ago) and an ink pad to stamp each gift.

I think the finished effect is quite charming, no? The only trouble now is that the lovely lady at Kikki K assured me that one box of twine would be plenty. I had picked up two and she talked me out of it. Who does that!? Bless her heart for thinking of me, but you know what? Yep, I’m out of twine. I really can’t seem myself back at the shops between now and Christmas, but I do have some simple plain twine and pale green wool that I think will look rather fetching. I might just come back and share that with you later.

Come back soon for the best ever Mango Cheesecake recipe. I’ll be whipping it up today with Pebble, and serving it tomorrow at dinner with friends.

Have you finished your Christmas wrapping yet?

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