Shoe Tying 101

Save a Teacher's Sanity -  Teach Your Children to Tie Their Shoelaces

Hey there! I’ve missed you guys! I wanted to pop in and share what I’m learning about tying shoes laces. Who’d have thought there’d be so much to say, right? All I know is I have a class of 23 kids, many of whom are struggling with their laces (or asking me to struggle with them!). It’s driving me C R A Z Y!!!! Continue reading “Shoe Tying 101”

The Hand of Time, Adelaide Fringe Festival

The Hand of Time Adelaide Fringe Festival

It’s Fringe time! The Adelaide Fringe Festival has brought it’s magic to town once again. I was lucky enough to be invited along to see a performance of The Hand of Time on Sunday arvo. It sounded like the perfect outing for Pebble and I, and we took my SIL, Julie and niece, Sarah, along for the ride. I was especially keen to because the play was about a girl who could stop time… which has been my ultimate dream super power since I was a kid! Continue reading “The Hand of Time, Adelaide Fringe Festival”